Guilty Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught still faces perjury charge for lying on gun store purchase while awaiting trial

Now that disgraced Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult for her actions responsible for a patient’s death, she must still face a perjury charge related to a gun store purchase while awaiting trial in the homicide case. In materials that prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office were prepared to use had Vaught taken the stand is a copy of an affidavit charging Vaught with lying to the government once before.

The Jury would have heard how she attempted to pick up two AR-15 Lower Receivers from a local gun store, swearing she wasn’t under any felony indictments – despite being arrested and booked on a felony reckless homicide indictment months earlier, for which she was currently out on bond. Once caught, she would admit she had “some court stuff going on”, downplaying the felony reckless homicide indictment she was facing.

Man screams about “homicide” while drunk at airport; charged with public intoxication

28-year-old Christopher Cline was charged with public intoxication after getting drunk at the airport and screaming into his phone about “homicide.”

Dejuan Bell gunned down Quincy Brown, who was riding on a Bird Scooter with a friend

Quincy Brown & Calais Hill were riding a bird scooter together when Dejuan Bell opened fire on them after an argument in East Nashville. Quincy Brown died from a gunshot wound to his head. Hill escaped without injuries. Dejuan Bell is charged with 1 count homicide, & 1 count attempted homicide.

The Adrian Montgomery Murder: How It Happened (New Details)

SCOOP: Three close friends thought they were in on a plan to rob a drug dealer, but Laquan Redmon turned against the other two, murdering ‘A1’ Adrian Montgomery at point blank range in the back of the head, and attempting to murder Rodriquez Perkins as he fled.

Justin Golson Charged with Criminal Homicide, No Bond, in Opry Mills Shooting

After an interview that lasted several hours, Justin S. Golson (22), has been formally charged with criminal homicide at 12:02 AM and booked into the Davidson County Jail with no bond. Here’s what happened: Police officers from a number of MNPD components responded to the mall at 2:23 p.m. on a report of an active shooter.  The investigation now shows that a continuing dispute between Churchwell and Golson, who knew each other, led to a physical confrontation in the mall hallway, during which Golson pulled a semi-automatic pistol he was…

The Murder of Davario Kendricks: Here’s What Happened…

James E Moore, Jr. (23) was arrested for the murder of Devario Kendricks (20) late Saturday night. The murder occurred earlier Saturday morning. Here’s what happened, according to documents filed to support the arrest. On Saturday morning at 8:41AM, MNPD officers were dispatched to 1511 Jefferson St to check on a white Nissan Maxima parked in a covered driveway. Upon arrival, officers found Davario Kendricks deceased from a gunshot wound. There was video of the incident from inside the covered driveway, which shows the vehicle arriving in the early morning hours.…