Dejuan Bell gunned down Quincy Brown, who was riding on a Bird Scooter with a friend

Quincy Brown & Calais Hill were riding a bird scooter together when Dejuan Bell opened fire on them after an argument in East Nashville. Quincy Brown died from a gunshot wound to his head. Hill escaped without injuries. Dejuan Bell is charged with 1 count homicide, & 1 count attempted homicide.

Tam Nguyen used storage pods to ship hundreds of pounds of marijuana into Nashville to sell

Tam Nguyen, 42, took possession of a storage pod that was delivered to him at 6350 Nolensville Poke. Inside that pod was 215 pounds of marijuana in boxes. A search of his Ashmore Drive home revealed an additional 230 pounds of marijuana, $39,502 in cash, and $10,000 in money orders. 

Five Nashville Bail Bondsmen Arrested Friday

Five Nashville Bail Bondsmen, including Michael Story, Donald Dixon (former DCSO), Courtney Poe, Tanya Mayhew Lawrence (former DCSO), & David Fletcher, were all arrested on Friday. This stands out, because David Fletcher was a part of this group, and every bondsman in Nashville just got chills when they read that name. It’s in spite of a long-standing an order from Judge Mark Fishburn, who in 2009, forbid all bail bondsmen from using Fletcher, and threatening sanctions against those who do, as it’s illegal for convicted felons to ‘recover’ wanted felons in Tennessee.…

Another #BoosterClub Bust: Sagovia McKenzie Arrested

On Wednesday, 02/07/18, well known ‘booster’ (shoplifter) Sagovia McKenzie got caught in the act. Yet another member of the ‘Exclusive Shopping’ #BoosterClub that is one arrest closer to spending real time in jail. This week she walked into Victoria’s secret at Opry Mills – and walked out in handcuffs. McKenzie was already out on bail for a pending case. When MNPD received the call for service, Sagovia McKenzie was already in custody of local loss prevention. This time she was caught with $312 in merchandise, with which she walked out…