Young Buck homeless? Nashville Police say yes.

Concerns were raised by some this week when Nashville Rapper David Brown, better known as Young Buck, was arrested and the homeless shelter was used as both his home address and his bond-out address on all the official police and jail paperwork. We spoke to Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry’s Office, who he had been photographed with days before his arrest, to see if he had been done a favor by the office, which they denied. We then spoke to Metro Nasvhille Police, who after consulting with their arresting officer, confirmed that Young Buck had nowhere to go other than his ex-girlfriend’s home, where he was no longer welcome, making him ‘homeless’ on all official records.

Young Buck arrested after vandalizing ex-girlfriend’s car — David Darnell Brown

38-year-old David Darnell Brown AKA Young Buck is free on a $1,000 bond after police say he pulled up to his ex-girlfriend’s house on Rockland Trail Wednesday morning and kicked on her front door, and then kicked her vehicle when no one answered. Officers confirmed the damage to the vehicle, and there was security footage of the incident. Brown is charged with vandalism.

UPDATE: Rapper Young Buck jailed on ‘Child Abandonment’ warrant

SCOOP: 38-year-old American Rapper Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, was jailed on December 20th in Cheatham County, Tennessee. He is currently held as a felony fugitive without bond, on a ‘Child Abandonment’ Charge out of Newton County, Georgia.

Rapper Young Buck jailed on fugitive from justice warrant: NO BOND

38-year-old American Rapper Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, was jailed on December 20th in Cheatham County, Tennessee. He is currently held without bond on a felony fugitive from justice warrant, with a court date set for May of 2020.

Young Buck refuses to pay Nashville dentist $7,438.12 for services

Nashville Dentist Samuel Jackson, of Absolute Dental Care, says David Darnell Brown (Better known as Young Buck) owes him $7,438.12 for services, and he’s taken the matter to a Nashville courtroom. The Lawsuit states that Young Buck agreed to pay for dental services for his sister, April Brown, at the time they were performed, but has failed to keep his word on the debt. Dr. Jackson’s services included extractions, impressions, x-rays, and a set of partial dentures. The lawsuit was first filed in August by Dr. Jackson personally, then a…

Additional Charges: Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden – Stealing More Delivered Packages in East Nashville

Guess who’s back, back again. Bowdens’s Back. Tell a friend. Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden, 20, who was already charged for a multitude of crimes during this ‘spree’ has been served with an additional charge of ‘Theft of Property- $1,000 or less’, TCA 39-14-103*15. This charge adds an additional $2500 bond to his current $75000 bond. MNPD Arrest Affidavit: Defendant and his vehicle were positively identified by Mr. xxx at xxx Fern Ave as the male that tried to rob him at xxx Winston Dr. in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee at 1532 hours.…

ENs’s Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden ARRESTED (AGAIN) – More Fake Cocaine(Baking Soda), Robs Man w/Gun, Possession of 2 Semi-Automatic Guns, & Stolen Delivery Packages From Homes

Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden, who was previously arrested on August 11th for selling baking soda as cocaine, has once again been arrested for a multitude of charges on August 19th – ranging from attempted aggravated robbery, felony weapon charges, felon in possession of a handgun, theft of packages delivered to houses, and others – all detailed below. Once again, upon arrest, he was found to also be selling baking powder as cocaine, a charge for which he was already awaiting trial. Here’s his current outstanding charges, for which he is being…

SELLING FAKE DRUGS ARREST: Jeremy “Austin” Bowden – Selling Baking Soda Out East

Officers arrested Jeremy ‘Austin’ Bowden Friday morning just before 5AM for ‘FELONY SELL, DELIVER, OR DISTRIBUTE COUNTERFEIT CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES’ (T.C.A. 39-17-423). Officers were looking for a female with an outstanding warrant when they believed they saw her and Bowden in a vehicle at a convenience store on Long Hollow Pike. Officers lost sight of the vehicle, and then observed it moments later, without Bowden inside. During the stop of the vehicle Bowden was noticed watching from another parking lot and detained him. Inside the vehicle, 4.5 grams of a white powdery…