Nashville Rapper “Sixstreet Mac” booked after repeatedly harassing ex-wife, threatens her with gun – Mack Hall

34-year-old Nashville Rapper “Sixstreet Mac” Mack Hall was booked on February 26th when police responded to night court for a domestic report. Jacinda Hall advised officers that her ex-husband, Mack Hall, had been giving her issues for the past three years. Jacinda filed for divorce three years ago; however, Hall refused to sign the paperwork until recently. According to Jacinda, over the last three years, she has tried to cut communication with Hall, but he has consistently harassed her through text messages and phone calls after she told him not to. Jacinda blocked Hall’s phone number on three separate occasions, but he has continued to harass her from different numbers. Officers were able to verify the calls made by Hall. On February 25th, Hall called Jacinda while she was at work, and she answered to advise him to stop calling her. Hall replied, “I know where you are; I’ll be right there.” Hall then showed up at Jacinda’s job looking for her. Jacinda’s coworkers advised that this is not the first time he has come to the location looking for Jacinda. Hall followed Jacinda as she took an Uber home. Hall followed Jacinda to her front door and tried to get inside. Jacinda shut the door on him and advised that he was not allowed in. While shutting the door, Hall stuck his foot in the opening to block it from fully closing. Jacinda grabbed her phone and told Hall she would call the police. Hall then knocked the phone out of her hand. Hall pulled out a gun and pressed the barrel against Jacinda’s back. Jacinda was able to grab her phone and hold down the SOS button to call the police, which prompted Hall to flee the scene. Mack was taken into custody and charged with harassment on February 26th.

Nashville Rapper Ruthlezzlubaree jailed after gold chain heist at Green Hills Mall — Jabaree Jones

18-year-old Nashville Rapper Jabaree Jones was booked on an outstanding warrant from November 11th when two males were observed stealing jewelry from Green Hills Diamond Brokers. The males browsed the jewelry cases and requested assistance from an employee to try on a gold chain. The employee assisted the men and allowed them to hold the chain and try it on. The men sat at the employee’s desk to discuss the price during the interaction. After discussing the price, Jones casually stood up with the gold chain in his hand and walked away. He placed the chain in his pocket and left the store while the other male stayed and tried to negotiate about other jewelry pieces. Eventually, the second suspect got up and left the store as well. The store owner confronted them in the parking lot, and the men ran away. The entire incident was recorded on surveillance cameras. The stolen necklace was valued at $15,000. Jabaree Jones was taken into custody on January 10th.

Rapper Roman ‘BuckBills’ Swanagan jailed on cocaine & gun charges

33-year-old Roman Swanagan, locally known as rapper ‘BuckBills,’ was jailed Friday night after police found narcotics and a handgun during a traffic stop. Swanagan was driving a silver Audi that was going 80 mph in a 70 mph zone. The vehicle smelled of marijuana, and the passengers explained they had just left a location where people were smoking weed. During a search of the vehicle, officers located 4 grams of cocaine. A Ruger handgun was found under the driver’s seat. A second handgun was found in the center console, which was claimed by a passenger. Swanagan was in possession of over $7,000 cash and two cell phones which police say is a common indicator of street-level narcotic sales. Swanger denied using narcotics.

Young Buck homeless? Nashville Police say yes.

Concerns were raised by some this week when Nashville Rapper David Brown, better known as Young Buck, was arrested and the homeless shelter was used as both his home address and his bond-out address on all the official police and jail paperwork. We spoke to Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry’s Office, who he had been photographed with days before his arrest, to see if he had been done a favor by the office, which they denied. We then spoke to Metro Nasvhille Police, who after consulting with their arresting officer, confirmed that Young Buck had nowhere to go other than his ex-girlfriend’s home, where he was no longer welcome, making him ‘homeless’ on all official records.

Nashville Rapper Tazzo arrested in felony domestic violence case — Ronteze Bowden

32-year-old Ronteze Bowden, better known as Nashville rapper Tezzo, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday on outstanding warrants from 2020 charging him with felony aggravated assault and interference with a 911 call. The warrants allege Bowden and his then-girlfriend, Erica Lillard, were in an argument about rent money when the assaulted her with a bottle of water, then wrapped his arms around her beck from behind causing her to be unable to breathe when he realized she was calling 911.

Nashville Rapper ‘Big Geeche’ charged with assaulting yet another girlfriend — AKA Calvin Woods

27-year-old Calvin Woods Jr., who prefers to be known as ‘Big Geeche’, and has a recent release titled “Found Guilty”, is once again charged with assaulting a lover. In this most recent case, his girlfriend, Cayla Yates, called 911 to report he grabbed her by the throat with both hands as she attempted to stop him from taking a pair of AirPods, which he had bought for her, from her purse. She eventually grabbed a knife in what she describes as “self-defense”, and says he cut his own hand by grabbing it. Woods told police during an interview that he only pushed her away when she pulled a knife on him. He was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody. He is charged with aggravated assault/strangulation and is free on a $10,000 bond.

In 2018, Woods was charged with the assault of a former girlfriend after police documented laceration injuries of the female he wrestled to the ground and tossed her phone in a dumpster so she couldn’t call 911. DA Glenn Funk retired those charges, as long as he promised to not get in trouble again. A few months later, Woods was charged with dragging the same girlfriend across the floor by her hair in front of children, after he punched her in the face multiple times. Police also documented those injures, but DA Glenn Funk refused to move forward with the prosecution in July of this year when the girlfriend backed out of testifying, despite the already collected evidence.

Nashville rapper Fazoe charged with punching sister in face, pulling out her hair, over shrimp — David Hyde

23-year-old David ‘Fazoe’ Hyde was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday on an outstanding domestic assault warrant from 2019. According to court documents, his mother flagged down police to tell them he had assaulted his sister after she refused to give him some shrimp which she was eating in East Nashville. The two scuffled after he began recording her with his phone, and witnesses report he punched her in the face with his fist and pulled out several strands of her hair before fleeing. He is free on a $2,500 bond.

At the time of this week’s arrest, Hyde was also facing another case from April of 2019, during which David gave the name and SSN of his twin brother, Dominique Hyde, after a minor traffic accident. While police were questioning him during that interaction his mother approached police and asked if he gave them his real name or his brother’s, and he was then charged with criminal impersonation and the FTA on another outstanding warrant at that time. That case is also ongoing.

Rapper ‘Chief True’ (Callen Williams) was “weeping” in back of cop car before threatening to kill officers

Nashville police say they found local rapper Callen Williams (Chief True) high on Xanax and pointing a ‘short barrel AR-15 style pistol’ at them Tuesday morning after he fired the weapon out his door, believing someone was there. Police note that on the ride to jail, the 20-year-old transitioned from ‘weeping’ in the back of the patrol car to threatening to ‘put a hit out’ on the officers after he made bond. He remains jailed on a $77,000 bond.

Nashville man threw dog, then ex-girlfriend, out front door, police say

25-year-old Raemon ‘Raebardo’ Randolph was served with a domestic assault warrant Monday, which detailed allegations he grabbed his ex-girlfriend’s dog and threw it out the front door, then pushed his ex-girlfriend out the same door, and locked it.

Nashville Rapper ‘Milky Silky’ child abuse arrest: “She got her ass whooped…”

Nashville Rapper ‘Milky Silky’ (Todd Bruce Frierson) was arrested on a child abuse charge Wednesday, accused of leaving bruises on his daughter, and texting her mother “She got her a– whooped, that’s what’s on her”.. and more. He is free on a $2,000 bond.