Rapper ‘Chief True’ (Callen Williams) was “weeping” in back of cop car before threatening to kill officers

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Nashville police say they found local rapper Callen Williams (Chief True aka Chief2Blunts) high on Xanax and pointing a ‘short barrel AR-15 style pistol’ at them Tuesday morning after he fired the weapon out his door, believing someone was there. Police note that on the ride to jail, the 20-year-old transitioned from ‘weeping’ in the back of the patrol car to threatening to ‘put a hit out’ on the officers after he made bond. He remains jailed on a $77,000 bond.

Metro Nashville responded to a ‘shots fired’ call just before 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning at the Willow apartments at 308 Plus Park Boulevard in South Nashville. Officers made their way to the common area of the apartments where they encountered 20-year-old Callen Williams standing in the hallway outside his door holding a short barrel AR-15 style pistol without a fixed stock. As they approached, Williams reportedly turned the gun on the officers, who immediately stopped. After continuous verbal commands to drop the weapon, the locally known Nashville rapper placed his weapon on the ground and raised his arms in the air. Williams was taken into custody without incident.

Callen Williams (MNPD)
Callen Williams (MNPD)

Officers noted Williams had mumbling with slurred speech, watery eyes, and reeked of marijuana. According to the girlfriend, the rapper was also taking Xanax, stating it was prescribed after a recent car accident. When collecting the weapon, officers noted on the report it was in the ‘fire’ position with a live round chambered and 8 rounds in the magazine. The weapon was confiscated as evidence.

Scoop: Nashville obtained video of Calen Williams which was uploaded to social media before the incident, which appears to show a very impaired Williams attempting to stay alert in a vehicle:

During questioning, Callen Williams told police he believed an unknown individual had knocked on his door and shot at him, after which he grabbed his short barrel AR-15 pistol to use in self-defense. It was at that time officers had encountered Williams in the hallway, and didn’t observe any other person in the area. What they did observe, however, was damage from a bullet being fired from inside his apartment. There was also damage from a bullet on the neighbor’s outside wall. The suspect’s girlfriend claimed she never heard any gunshots during this time.

Police report the 20-year-old rapper was ‘erratic’ during transport to booking, and would transition from ‘weeping’ to making threats against officers. He reportedly said he would “put out a hit” on the officers as he would “make bond tonight” and then “get a gun and find out where y’all live because it’s public record and kill y’all”. During booking, 8 Xanax bars were found on Williams.

IG: chief2blunts
IG: chief2blunts

Callen Williams, 20, is charged with felony reckless endangerment of an occupied habitation, felony retaliation for a past action, possession of a handgun while under the influence, unlawful handgun possession, felony assault of an officer/first responder, and bringing contraband into a jail. He remains jailed in lieu of a $77,000 bond.

At the time of his arrest, Williams was free on a $25,000 bond for another incident in October of 2020 in which he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and illegal handgun possession, and at the time of that arrest, he was already free on a $7,000 bond for charges including evading arrest with a vehicle, and reckless driving in September of 2019.

IG: chief2blunts

Williams has previously been featured on Scoop: Nashville when he surrendered after fleeing from police in a chase and in a video when he was confronted by rapper 100KTucc’s younger brother.

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