Young Buck refuses to pay Nashville dentist $7,438.12 for services

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Nashville Dentist Samuel Jackson, of Absolute Dental Care, says David Darnell Brown (Better known as Young Buck) owes him $7,438.12 for services, and he’s taken the matter to a Nashville courtroom.

The Lawsuit states that Young Buck agreed to pay for dental services for his sister, April Brown, at the time they were performed, but has failed to keep his word on the debt. Dr. Jackson’s services included extractions, impressions, x-rays, and a set of partial dentures.

The lawsuit was first filed in August by Dr. Jackson personally, then a new suite was filed in September on behalf of the business, Absolute Dental Care, LLC. In January, after a series of continuances and motions, Judge Sam Coleman issued a hand-written order granting the defense’s motion to add Young Buck’s sister, April Brown, as a defendant to the lawsuit, though he did not remove Young Buck aka David Brown from liability, and he remains a named defendant. April Brown was attempted to be served for this, and multiple other civil warrants as recently as February, but she has not been found at any known address or employer.

Below are copies of the filings for the lawsuit, which is still pending a resolution.

We reached out to Young Buck’s management contact for this story, but had not received a response at the time of publication.

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