She said “it’s over”, he licked a steak knife and said “I’ll cut your throat”, then ripped a gauge out of her ear

Phillip Boyd, 32, didn’t take a breakup well Tuesday night. He licked a steak knife before threatening his girlfriend, with it, then ripped a gauge out of her ear, causing a tear injury.

Woman attempts to run over boyfriend, who is hiding behind a golf cart, with her vehicle

A witness says Alexis Crisp, 20, told her boyfriend she was going to run over him. She proceeded to get into her vehicle, drive toward the victim, who was hiding behind a golf cart, swerve toward him, and attempt to hit him with her vehicle.

Man Hit By Car on Sidewalk; Driver was out on Pre-Trial-Release from 2nd DUI (Huffing)

A man and his girlfriend were walking on the sidewalk Monday afternoon when Andrew Keuter drove up onto the sidewalk toward them, and struck the man, then continued to drive away down the sidewalk. Keuter was out on pre-trial-release for his 2nd DUI (Huffing Duster) at the time of the incident.