Woman beats roommate bloody with broom after she gave oral sex to her boyfriend

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Metro Police say Jerri Feinstein beat her roommate with a broom until the floor was ‘covered in blood’, then called the cops and claimed self-defense. The fight was over her roommate having ‘sexual relations’ with her boyfriend.

26-year-old Jerri Feinstein called Metro Nashville Police Tuesday night and stated she was in an argument with her roommate, because her roommate had performed oral sex on her boyfriend. Once police arrived at the scene, she told them a verbal argument had ensued, and then her roommate, the victim, punched her in the face, and she responded by grabbing a nearby broom and repeatedly striking the victim. She told police this was in self-defense after the victim struck her, however, the police noted she had no visible marks from being struck, and did not believe her to be a victim.

Jerri Feinstein (MNPD)

Police note the actual victim had visible bruising across her forearms, a knot on her head, and blood around her mouth. Nashville medics responded to the scene, and the floor of the residence was noted as “covered in blood from the victim”. Jerri Feinstein was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and is currently jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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