Woman douses boyfriend’s bed & floor with wine after finding him with another woman, per affidavit

24-year-old Claire Conway is charged with vandalism after she witnessed her boyfriend on Broadway with another woman and later went to his apartment, where he was still with the other woman and drenched his bed and floor with the contents of a wine bottle from the apartment.

Woman beats roommate bloody with broom after she gave oral sex to her boyfriend

Metro Police say Jerri Feinstein beat her roommate with a broom until the floor was ‘covered in blood’, then called the cops and claimed self-defense. The fight was over her roommate having ‘sexual relations’ with her boyfriend.

Thomas Miller revealed as ‘John Doe’ in the ‘Jennifer Wackerlin the Lying Cheater’ website lawsuit

Someone created a website claiming a woman was a ‘lying cheater’, so she sued to uncover the identity of the creator. We now know her former friend and co-worker, Thomas Miller, is named as the John Doe in the lawsuit. Here’s the details (and the website is still up!)…

Wife kidnapped, tied up with vacuum cord, & held at gunpoint by husband and female friend

A Nashville woman says she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint while interrogated by her husband, Kevin Fletcher, and his female friend, Jonya Shelton, after he accused her of cheating. She was tied up and restrained with the cord of a vacuum cleaner.

One boyfriend. Two women. Three felony charges.

Sherricka Alexander then went to the kitchen and grabbed a can from the pantry, stuffed it into a sock, and returned to the bedroom, where she attempted to strike Alexus with the makeshift weapon. She was unable to strike her, because the sock slipped out of her hand when the attempted to do so.

ARREST: Kyreshia Brown Finds Used Condom, Assaults Boyfriend at Dinner Table for Cheating | We Found Him on POF!

Kyreshia Brown was arrested Saturday night for domestic assault w/injury, and vandalism, after she attacked her boyfriend at the dinner table. Earlier, she had found a used condom which she assumed to belong to her boyfriend. Once at the dinner table Saturday evening, she confronted her boyfriend, and accussed him of cheating on her. She then smacked his food against the wall, ripped a necklace from around his neck,and took him to the ground, where the parties fought. Kyreshia was determined to be the aggressor on scene and was taken…

Ladies: Meet Joshua Stuard, Fuckboy.

This is Josh Stuard. Also, below, is¬†Carolina Garcia. Last month they found out they’re expecting a baby. Today, Joshua found himself in a lady’s inbox, asking for sex – and it wasn’t Carolina’s. The messages were sent to us anonymously, and we are sharing below. Ladies, don’t let us find your men in another woman’s inbox. They don’t belong there. Shortly after the message was received, it was sent to Caroline’s inbox – which we guess he was promptly made aware of, as he gave this response / justification. Men:…