Man pours seltzer on girlfriend, pretends to urinate on her clothes — Zachary Riddle #DomesticAssault

24-year-old Zachary Riddle is charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Syvashiona Bridgeforth, after a wild incident involving him pretending to urinate on her clothes, a potential breakup, him pouring a seltzer on her back, and her assaulting him with a pair of scissors. There’s also a crazy call with his mother you’ll have to click to read the details…

Woman charged with vandalizing boyfriend’s vehicle — Dequinzay Gray

25-year-old Dequinzay Gray was jailed Wednesday night after her boyfriend showed police a video of her hitting and kicking the window and door of his vehicle. She was charged with vandalism and posted a $1,500 bond. Upon release, she then posted a flurry of retribution posts on social media, attempting to shame him.

4th arrested in Bellevue prostitution front – also told police the ‘happy ending is complimentary, and part of the visit’

Mary Katherine Wiser, 23, is free on a $5,000 bond, after she was arrested Tuesday, and charged with prostitution , and working without a license, at the Bellevue Comfort Zone, where she told an undercover detective the “happy ending is complimentary and part of the visit” when he told her to stop.

Two more charged with passing fake prescription for ‘Sizzurp’ at Nashville Pharmacy

There’s now been four arrests of people with charges related to counterfeit prescriptions for Promethazine/Codeine, the primary ingredient in ‘sizzurp’, also known as ‘lean’, or ‘purple drank’. The latest pair arrested are Miguel Buckner & James Jenkins, Jr.

Pair arrested for passing forged prescription for ‘Sizzurp’ main ingredient at Nashville pharmacy

Metro Police were called to a Nashville pharmacy on Tuesday, after a pharmacist received a fake prescription for Promethazine/Codeine, the primary ingredient in ‘sizzurp’, also known as ‘lean’, or ‘purple drank’, The only thing they’ll likely be sipping on in jail is generic Kool-aid.

Man slaps & assaults 2-year-old daughter with Nintendo Switch after she drops it, police say

Officers found injuries on the child’s eye, with notable swelling and bruising, after her 27-year-old father, Laharles Frazier, was arrested on charges of child abuse and assault. Police say he slapped his 2-year-old daughter in the face, and hit her with a NES Switch, which she had accidentally dropped. 

Donna Newton: You gotta pay for those groceries! #Arrested #Shoplifting

Donna Newton, 56, was taken into custody Wednesday evening, on an outstanding warrant for walking out of Kroger without paying for her groceries. The defendant was observed by Loss Prevention, and is on video inside the Kroger located on Lebanon Pk to place $75.66 worth of items into a cart and push out of the store without paying. This morning, Newton posted a $1,000 bond via Free at Last, which cost her more than the total price of the groceries. She will appear in court on 04/06/18.