Man pours seltzer on girlfriend, pretends to urinate on her clothes — Zachary Riddle #DomesticAssault

24-year-old Zachary Riddle is charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Syvashiona Bridgeforth, after a wild incident involving him pretending to urinate on her clothes, a potential breakup, him pouring a seltzer on her back, and her assaulting him with a pair of scissors. There’s also a crazy call with his mother you’ll have to click to read the details…

Man says he was afraid of getting harmed by girlfriend who slashed his tires, destroyed car — Elajah Christian

20-year-old Elajah Michell Christian is charged with vandalism after a video reportedly shows her slashing the tires of her boyfriend’s vehicle, and spray painting both passenger-side windows, after refusing to leave his house for over two hours. Her boyfriend, Montanez Knight, confronted her but said he was afraid of getting harmed, and ran back inside the house, dropping his keys in the process. She fled with his keys. She is free on a $1,000 bond.

Woman smashes wine bottle into boyfriend’s face, pulls him back into house, continues assault, police say.

33-year-old Jenni Terry is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment after police say she smashed a wine bottle into her boyfriend’s face, pulled him back into the house when he tried to flee, tossed him onto the ground, and then threw what was left of the wine bottle at him as he eventually escaped.