Booster Latosha Harris steals $2,290 worth of merchandise from Marshalls

43-year-old Latosha Harris stole merchandise from the Lebanon Pike Marshall’s on the afternoon of April 17th. At around 12:54 p.m., Harris entered the establishment and started picking up items. Harris passed all points of sale and left the store without paying. The stolen items were valued at $1,159. The incident was also captured on surveillance video. Loss prevention officers recognized Harris from previous incidents. Officers had a witness identify Harris via photo, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Later, on April 23rd, Harris returned to the same Marshalls location, so the employees notified police. Before officers arrived, they confirmed that Harris had an outstanding warrant. When officers arrived, they observed Harris exiting with merchandise and detained her. They spoke to a Marshalls employee, who stated that Harris had not paid for the items she was caught with, valued at $1,131. Harris was taken into custody for two counts of theft on April 23rd.

Corey Walker assaults girlfriend with lanyard during altercation

34-year-old Corey Lartez Walker had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Ashley Baltimore, at their shared Old Franklin Road apartment on January 5th, 2023. Officers were dispatched to a Bluffhollow Gap residence around 9:00 p.m. and spoke with Baltimore when they arrived. Baltimore stated that she and Walker argued at their apartment while she was doing laundry and taking care of their child. She added that he had been drinking and accused her of taking his phone. During their argument, Walker hit Baltimore’s arm with a lanyard and picked up her purse. The couple struggled over Baltimore’s purse, causing her to fall onto the ground and hit her head. Baltimore said she tried to leave afterward, but Walker slammed the door shut. Officers noticed she sustained swelling to the left side of her head from falling and a cut on her wrist from the lanyard. Walker was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 6th, 2024.

Damali Sommerville assaults girlfriend during argument over her phone

Officers responded to Stewarts Ferry Apartments on May 16th regarding a domestic disturbance. Rashanda Harris states she was taking a bath when her husband, 23-year-old Damali Sommerville, asked to look through her phone. Harris refused, causing an argument that turned physical when Sommerville began to strike her, throwing her to the ground, then he wrapped his hand around her neck and clenched down. While Harris was on the phone with the Police, Sommerville took the phone out of her hand and threw it into the bathtub, causing it to disconnect. Officers observed marks around Harris’s neck, a laceration on her lip, bruising on her arm, and scratch marks throughout her body. Harris went to the hospital for her injuries and did not wish to prosecute. Sommerville fled the scene before Officers arrived.

Terrance Hudson charged in assault of girlfriend after turning off her shower “to talk”

30-year-old Terrance Hudson is charged with the aggravated domestic assault/strangulation of his current girlfriend, Antwyneque Golliday. Police responded to their shared apartment on November 12th after the victim reported she was in the shower as Mr. Hudson repeatedly turned the water off in an attempt “to talk.” The victim exited the shower and attempted to get dressed when she says he shoved her and pushed her against the bathroom wall, and continued to argue. She says she broke free of his grip and attempted to get dressed in her bedroom when he followed her into the closet and strangled her with both hands. She escaped that assault and later laid down on the bed to rest when she says Hudson again got on top of her and strangled her.

She then fled the apartment with him giving chase to her, and when he caught up with her, she says he punched her in the face and the back of her head. As she was able to call 911, Hudson returned to the apartment. At the time of his arrest, Hudson had an outstanding warrant from March, which alleges he “destroyed a phone with his fist” while violating an order of protection at the home of the mother of his child.

Fort Campbell Soldier Hunter Fairweather kicks bouncer after Broadway Battle Buddy knocks him down

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville late Saturday night responded to a fight at Nudie’s Honky Tonk on Broadway. They encountered 22-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Hunter Fairweather and his friend, Ironne Coley, who were in an argument with bouncers at the location. Fairweather reportedly kicked the bouncer, Deangelo Ridloy, after Coley knocked him to the ground. Officers documented injuries to the victim and watched a video of the assault.

Anthony Jordan Nihoff charged in assault of bouncer at Nashville Underground

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative on Broadway in downtown Nashville Sunday responded to a fight-in-progress call at Nashville Underground. Michael Holley, a bouncer at the venue, says he kicked 22-year-old tourist Anthony Jordan Nihoff out of the bar, and the two were arguing when Nihoff struck him.

Local man charged in Honky Tonk Central fight — Kevin Jones arrested

30-year-old Kevin Jones was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning after a fight at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Police say after they separated the dueling parties Jones continued to attempt to strike the other person. Jones was taken into custody.