Beatrice Gayle Jones attacks roommate over thermostat setting

50-year-old Beatrice Jones was jailed on April 17th after pushing her roommate when she tried to change the temperature on the thermostat at their home on Litton Avenue. Jessica Abdulah told police that she and Jones were arguing over the thermostat setting when Jones pushed her away. They started to fight, and Jones tried to push Abdulah down the stairs. Jones admitted to pushing Abdulah away from the thermostat and that her fingernail was bent back because of it. Abdulah had scratches on her chest, back, and face. The injuries, plus the admission to pushing Abdulah, gave police probable cause to believe that Jones was the primary aggressor.

Tomas Javier charged after dragging wife down the street, punching her in stomach, slamming her head into pole, per witness reports.

26-year-old Tomas Javier is charged with the aggravated assault of his wife, Morena Rodriguez, after she says he became upset over the content of text messages on her phone that he disapproved of. When police arrived at the couple’s Litton Ave residence, Morena explained that Tomas placed his hands around her neck, strangling her until she had problems with breathing. Several neighborhood witnesses to the incident reported they saw Tomas drag the victim down the street, punch her in the stomach, and slam her head into a utility pole, which matched the multitude of injuries to her neck and face.

Marshall Brown charged with punching his brother in the face during argument

On June 23rd, a drunken Sten Brown called and told police that his brother, 23-year-old Marshall Brown, punched him in the face just under his left eye during an argument inside their share apartment several days prior on June 17th. Responding officers took photos of the victim’s injury and bruising. When interviewed about the reported assault, Marshall Brown admitted to punching his brother in the face.

Sten was too intoxicated at the time of his report to be taken before a magistrate, but because of the domestic relationship and the obvious injury, officers prosecuted for the assault and took Marshall into custody.

Man charged with DUI after truck engulfed in flames — Joel Cantin

Police made contact with 50-year-old Joel Cantin at 2700 Gallatin Pike Sunday night as his silver Ford F-150 was engulfed in flames. He had escaped the fire and was standing next to a building. He stated he hit a curb which caused his tire to burst, and was driving on the rim and wasn’t aware his truck was on fire until another motorist motioned to him. He was unsure for how long he had been driving like that, but NFD confirmed the tire was completely gone. Police say he was obviously intoxicated and admitted to drinking “a couple of beers”

Local man charged in Honky Tonk Central fight — Kevin Jones arrested

30-year-old Kevin Jones was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning after a fight at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Police say after they separated the dueling parties Jones continued to attempt to strike the other person. Jones was taken into custody.

Man who was denied sex attacks girlfriend with blow torch & mason jars — Jaime Aquino arrested

When 25-year-old Jaime Aquino was jailed this week for an assault on his co-worker when he smashed a glass mug over his head, he was also served with an outstanding warrant from March, charging him with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, which left her with severe injuries. Court records show Aquino came home at 4 a.m. and wanted to have sex, however, Kirsten Brasher told him no. Upset at the denial, he reportedly picked up a blowtorch and began to wave it around at her in a threatening manner. He then grabbed the victim and tossed her around the apartment, then hit her with several full mason jars, breaking them on her head, causing a 2-inch gash. The victim was able to knock over a television to distract him in order to escape. A commissioner set his bond for this charge, domestic assault with bodily injury, at $5,000, which he posted.

Man charged with breaking glass mug over head of co-worker during argument — Jaime Aquino arrested

25-year-old Jaime Aquino was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Monday after an altercation at his job this weekend. The incident occurred at 921 Woodland St in East Nashville, where both parties are employed. A disagreement led to Jaime reportedly breaking a glass much over the head of Joshua Sinha, which required 13 staples to repair. Aquino was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with aggravated assault, and an additional outstanding warrant (which is covered in a separate article). His bond for this charge was set at $10,000 and posted.