Layer Cake says Jack Zuckowsky is extorting them for $6,000 after taking their Instagram account

One of downtown Nashville’s hottest new concepts, Layer Cake, says downtown resident and already frequent customer, Jack Zuckowsky, is extorting the business for $6,000. #HowdItHappen? They kicked him out for being rowdy, and he took down their Instagram and social media accounts in retaliation. Text messages from the debauchee reveal he offered to restore access to their social media accounts in exchange for a $6,000 rooftop table package. The sweet details are inside…

Wife drags husband out of home to evict him, steps over his injured body to go back inside — Kristian Dukes

Metro Police say 49-year-old Kristian Dukes grabbed her sleeping husband, Brandon Burgett, under his arms and dragged him off the couch and out the door, dropping him onto the ground as she stepped over his injured body on her way back inside. Police documented multiple bruises and lacerations to the victim’s body, and blood on his left foot, which she had attempted to shut in the door. Dukes initially denied ever touching the victim, but later admitted to the struggle, adding she was intoxicated.

The victim states Dukes has been attempting to evict him from the property for a period of time.

Man charged with breaking glass mug over head of co-worker during argument — Jaime Aquino arrested

25-year-old Jaime Aquino was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Monday after an altercation at his job this weekend. The incident occurred at 921 Woodland St in East Nashville, where both parties are employed. A disagreement led to Jaime reportedly breaking a glass much over the head of Joshua Sinha, which required 13 staples to repair. Aquino was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with aggravated assault, and an additional outstanding warrant (which is covered in a separate article). His bond for this charge was set at $10,000 and posted.

TABC Agents jail server at Ninki Japanese for serving 19-year-old a bud light — Petrus Sukodarmanto

TABC agents arrested 58-year-old Petrus Sukodarmanto into jail this week after observing him serving alcohol to a 19-year-old female informant at Ninki Japanese Steakhouse. He is free on pre-trial release.