VIDEO: Zoe Tepner jailed after harassing ex-lover

23-year-old Zoe Grace Tepner, a locally known bottle girl and OnlyFans entrepreneur, was jailed Monday on an outstanding warrant charging her with harassment. The relationship between Tepner and Kyle Kark ended, and he had repeatedly told her he doesn’t want any contact with her, and he is also now seeking an order of protection. Since he advised her to stop communication, Tepner has repeatedly contacted him via hundreds of text messages. In the messages, she states he is a horrible person and should unalive himself or “go crawl in his mother’s grave.” In addition to harassing Kark, Tempter was captured on video (in story below) showing up at his friend’s house in the early morning hours and causing a disturbance at his residence, threatening to “ruin him in court.”

Jonathan Phelps charged in assault of Layer Cake bouncer in downtown Nashville

Layer Cake Security Team Member Lance Matthew Mann says he was attempting to move a crowd of patrons out of the way so a handicapped person could pass by on September 3rd when 26-year-old Jonathan ‘Jono’ Phelps pushed him and punched him in the nose. Metro Nashville Police responded to the scene and confirmed the incident on security video from the venue. Phelps was issued a citation for assault and was booked on the citation this week.

Logan Pierce Martin charged in brutal assault of Layer Cake Lover & co-worker, Calista Bruner

Zelma Alexander says she was in her Jeep in the 2300 block of Charlotte Pike when she observed a white male in a tank top and jeans, later identified as 30-year-old Logan Pierce Martin, assaulting a white female, Calista Bruner, who was wearing a black shirt and skirt before he fled in a blue Nissan Altima. What led up to this brutal beating of a lover involved the Twelve Thirty Club, Layer Cake, Whiskey row, and the Lucky Bastard Saloon…

Layer Cake says Jack Zuckowsky is extorting them for $6,000 after taking their Instagram account

One of downtown Nashville’s hottest new concepts, Layer Cake, says downtown resident and already frequent customer, Jack Zuckowsky, is extorting the business for $6,000. #HowdItHappen? They kicked him out for being rowdy, and he took down their Instagram and social media accounts in retaliation. Text messages from the debauchee reveal he offered to restore access to their social media accounts in exchange for a $6,000 rooftop table package. The sweet details are inside…

Austin Shearon “cried and yelled” after being arrested in front of Layer Cake in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 21-year-old Austin Shearon alternated between crying and yelling after he was arrested in front of Layer Cake in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative encountered Shearon, a tourist from Iowa, after he was “flailing about” while yelling at people and being overall disorderly to others in the area. Police say he reeked of vomit and alcohol and just repeated himself throughout the entire interaction.

Robert Hernandez can’t pay $1800 bar tab at Layer Cake; assaults bouncer

Metro Nashville Police officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Saturday encountered 29-year-old Robert Hernandez who was unable to pay his $1,807.78 bar tab at Layer Cake on 3rd Ave. South and became belligerent when his card continued to be declined. Security stated they asked him to leave the establishment and he attempted to throw punches and landed one on a bouncer’s arm. Hernandez was charged with theft of services and public intoxication.