William Greenlaw removed from Uber ride after forgetting where his hotel is

25-year-old William Mark Greenlaw had to be removed from an Uber in the early hours of February 18th. The Uber driver requested officers to assist in getting Greenlaw out of his vehicle due to his intoxication level. Officers arrived and noticed a strong alcoholic odor on Greenlaw’s breath as he advised them that he could not remember where he was staying that night. Greenlaw was deemed unable to take care of himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication. During the transport to booking, he vomited twice in the back of the patrol car.

DUI: Musician Joshua Gallagher runs red light after having “A Couple shots of Tequila”

33-year-old Joshua Gallagher failed to stop at a red light on Demonbreun Street in the late hours of December 2nd. After observing this, officers conducted a traffic stop and noticed Gallagher was slow to stop. Gallagher immediately placed both hands out of his windows even though officers did not command so, nor did he have any weapons in the vehicle. He was visibly intoxicated as he admitted to knowing why he was pulled over and to having two tall beers and “a couple shots of tequila.” Officers Mirandized Gallagher, and he refused to take sobriety tests without a lawyer present. He was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent. Additionally, officers searched his vehicle before having it towed. They discovered an open, nearly empty beer can under his front seat, so Gallagher was also charged with an open container violation.

A Nashville wedding celebration Audrey Allen will never forget (if she remembers it)

45-year-old Audrey Allen was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband in downtown Nashville Friday night, and police say both were intoxicated. When first responders encountered her, she was lying on the sidewalk at 3rd & Broadway due to her state of extreme intoxication. She was located into a UTV for transport to the medical stating area but soon became belligerent and non-compliant. He husband, also drunk, tried to reason with her, but she refused to comply with any requests from anyone. She admitted to drinking “four beers” and refused to exit the patrol car once at booking. Audrey went deadweight to the ground and asked officers to “just kill me now.” It took several officers to get her into the intake room, where she rolled off the bench and threw herself to the floor.

Jacob Colton Williams to police: “I’ll have your jobs for kidnapping me!”

31-year-old Jacob Colton Williams told Metro Nashville Police officers, “I’ll have your jobs for kidnapping me!” as they handcuffed him and placed him into the rear of a patrol car on Broadway in downtown Nashville this weekend. Williams had caused a disturbance at Nudie’s Honky Tonk after he was refused entry due to his level of intoxication and assaulted security, who restrained him until police arrived. While in custody, Williams told police, “you act like the kids I coach!” Once at booking, Williams refused to exit the patrol car until a night court magistrate came out to speak with him.

Collin Erdman cried and begged not to be arrested for DUI — he was walking

26-year-old Collin Erdman was found on the streets of downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning, where he says his roommate had just dropped him off to avoid a DUI. When officers encountered him, Erdman had just thrown his cell phone, which struck a random woman and caused her lip to bleed. He was reportedly extremely intoxicated and kept crying and begging not to be charged with DUI (despite being on foot). The woman refused to press charges, and Erdman was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Michael Farmer — too drunk for downtown Nashville

Patrons near Jason Aldean’s Bar flagged down officers working the Entertainment District late Saturday night to alert them that a very drunken 27-year-old Michael Farmer was staggering around and pulling on random door handles. Officers made contact with Farmer, who was typing random letters into his phone while staggering. He was described as incoherent, with slurred speech and repeated words and phrases. As he was being taken into custody, he was unable to sit upright in the back of a patrol car. He claimed to have only consumed 2-3 alcoholic drinks.

Austin Shearon “cried and yelled” after being arrested in front of Layer Cake in Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 21-year-old Austin Shearon alternated between crying and yelling after he was arrested in front of Layer Cake in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative encountered Shearon, a tourist from Iowa, after he was “flailing about” while yelling at people and being overall disorderly to others in the area. Police say he reeked of vomit and alcohol and just repeated himself throughout the entire interaction.

Brooklyn Campbell attempts to run over & shoots at her boyfriend during breakup

20-year-old Brooklyn Campbell was amid a breakup with her boyfriend, Carl (CJ) Hollingsworth, in May when they began to fight over a cell phone. Police say Brooklyn attempted to run over her ex-lover with her 2020 Altima while threatening to shoot up the area, however, he escaped by running in between two parked vehicles. She continued to plow into one of the parked vehicles, undeterred by his attempt to run away. She then pulled a handgun and fired it out the driver’s side window with several people in the immediate vicinity as she fled the area. Warrants were issued for her arrest, and she was jailed on them this week.

Stalking: Woman breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home; is bitten by his dog — Carla Hilliard

49-year-old Carla Hilliard was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday on multiple outstanding warrants related to the stalking of her ex-lover, Ronnie Perfect. The couple ended the relationship in late September, and since that time Hilliard has continued to stalk and harass 60-year-old Ronnie Perfect. Some of the incidents include her showing up at his home and work and refusing to leave, she then used a heavy marker to write “Fa***t Loser” on the hood of his vehicle at his workplace.

Most recently she broke into his home, chased him through the residence, and only fled after his dog bit her, leaving a trail of blood on her way out. She is free on a $5,000 bond.

Man charged in horrific sadistic assault of girlfriend, steals all her things — Joel Jones jailed on $45K bond

42-year-old Joel Jones is accused of stealing his girlfriend’s Jeep Patriot, cell phone, purse, wallet, Ruger handgun, and removing $2,000 from her bank account. She said she believes he was ending the relationship and had no intention of returning anything, because before he fled he placed a pillow over her face and smothered her while accusing her of cheating on him, and then wrote “I will get next”, which police documented, on the bed beside her. Investigators say he meant he was claiming his place in line for her as if she were a prostitute. He also attempted to carve the word ‘WH*RE’ into her forehead with the tip of an ink pen after the ink wouldn’t stay on her skin. The value of the stolen items was $14,000. Jones is jailed in lieu of a $45,000 bond, on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.