Wife drags husband out of home to evict him, steps over his injured body to go back inside — Kristian Dukes

Metro Police say 49-year-old Kristian Dukes grabbed her sleeping husband, Brandon Burgett, under his arms and dragged him off the couch and out the door, dropping him onto the ground as she stepped over his injured body on her way back inside. Police documented multiple bruises and lacerations to the victim’s body, and blood on his left foot, which she had attempted to shut in the door. Dukes initially denied ever touching the victim, but later admitted to the struggle, adding she was intoxicated.

The victim states Dukes has been attempting to evict him from the property for a period of time.

Denzel Boatright Can’t Stop Stealing From His Fast Food Jobs

Denzel Boatright, 23, was arrested on Friday night for stealing from an employer, Au Bon Pain at Vanderbilt, while he was already awaiting trial for stealing from another previous employer, Buffalo Wild Wings. According to MNPD, $900.00 was stolen from inside the safe at Au Bon Pain Restaurant, inside Vanderbilt Medical Center. A review of the video surveillance shows Denzel Boatright and Jeremiah Perkin, who were both employees, working the combination to the safe, attempting to cover up the camera, and eventually opening the safe. Boatright was taken into custody…