Denzel Boatright Can’t Stop Stealing From His Fast Food Jobs

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Denzel Boatright, 23, was arrested on Friday night for stealing from an employer, Au Bon Pain at Vanderbilt, while he was already awaiting trial for stealing from another previous employer, Buffalo Wild Wings. According to MNPD, $900.00 was stolen from inside the safe at Au Bon Pain Restaurant, inside Vanderbilt Medical Center. A review of the video surveillance shows Denzel Boatright and Jeremiah Perkin, who were both employees, working the combination to the safe, attempting to cover up the camera, and eventually opening the safe.

Boatright was taken into custody on Friday night, as he was already awaiting a court date for a recent arrest from stealing from another employer, Buffalo Wild Wings, where he was a cook. While working one night, Boatright told a manager he needed a bandage for a cut, they entered the office together, and when the manager exited the office, Boatright is seen on video surveillance taking approximately $200 from the cash bag and placing it in his pocket

Boatright was charged with ‘Theft of Property- $1,000 or less’ on both incidents. He was on pre-trial release for the first charge when arrested for the second. His new bond was $1,500, which he posted via Able bonding, 3 hours after being booked. Boatright has appearances scheduled for 11/06 & 11/08 in General Sessions court.

MNPD Affidavit:

nine hundred dollars was stolen from the safe inside Au Bon Pain Restaurant, located at 1211 Medical Center Drive, Nashville, TN. A reviw of the video surveillance reveals that two Au Bon Employees were responsilble for the theft of the money. Jeremiah Perkin and Denzel Boatwright can be seen working the combination to the safe, attempting to cover up the camera and opening the safe. The restaurant was open for business and both employess were on the clock.The individuals were identified by Au Bon Pain Manager

MNPD Affidavit:

ON 04/20/17 the defendant above was working for the victim, Buffalo Wild Wings located at 6816 Charlotte Pike, as a cook. The defendant then entered the manager’s officer at approximately 11:00pm to get a bandage with a manager. When the manager left the office, the defendant is seen on video surveillance taking money from the cash bag and placing it into his pocket. The entire incident was captured on video surveillance. The defendant also admitted to the incident during an exit interview with management. The defendant’s information was given to police by management and detectives reviewed the video and confirmed the defendant’s identity. The total amount stolen by the defendant is approximately $200.

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