DCSO Lieutenant Arrested for Agg Assault w/Handgun: Derrick Gleaves [UPDATED]

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Derrick Gleaves, who is a Lieutenant with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, was arrested Friday night for Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon after brandishing his handgun and threatening to shoot two people he was upset with, according to witness reports. In his full DCSO Uniform, per MNPD affidavit, Gleaves accused a mechanic of “fucking his wife” after blocking him in a parking lot with his vehicle. Gleaves left the scene after one of the victims told him “if you pull a gun you better use it”. Detectives attempted to locate Gleaves at his mother’s house, but were able to reach him by phone. Gleaves refused to come in for an interview and stated “press the charges you have to press but im not talking to you without a lawyer”
UPDATE: Gleaves has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

Gleaves was released after posting a $2500 bond and will appear in court on 10/30.

History & Salary

Derrick Gleaves was promoted to Correctional Officer Lieutenant on 02/09/17, despite having previous charges for Vandalism in 2007 (dismissed) and a previous assault charge (convicted) in 2001.

All available cases for Derrick Gleaves
Case Number Arrest Date Case Status Fees Owed Disposition Disposition Date
GS831846 10/21/2017 OPEN Case Details 
SU22128 10/17/2007 CLOSED Dismissed 2/28/2008Case Details 
GS9522 04/26/2000 CLOSED Case Details 

Gleaves’ current yearly salary with the Sheriff’s Department is $53,951.31 since promotion. Prior to the promotion he earned $49,070.58 in 2016, and $47,189.94 in 2015 – both as Correctional Officer Sergeant.

Gleaves has had a history that is full of anger, questionable behavior, and so much debt that he filed for bankruptcy in 2006, claiming nearly $150K in debt.

Departmental Favors?

In some of the debts he’s incurred since, such as this one from World Finance – the process server noted they were unable to locate Gleason to serve him with a notice to appear in court, despite the warrant specifying he was an employee of the Sheriff’s Department (who oversees the serving of civil warrants) – one phone call or email to his commanding officer would have solved this  “unable to locate” issue – instead it was never served to this day.

Prior Anger Issues:

During prior divorce proceedings, Gleaves sent inappropriate emails to the judge handling the case, from this Metro Nashville government account. Even after being order to stop by his commanding officer, he continued, and had to get this notice from the judge in the proceedings:

On top of everything else, according to accusations made public during divorce proceedings, Gleaves left his children unsupervised at a time which, according to public records, one of the minor children reports he was repeatedly sexually abused by other minor children in the father’s care. Gleaves admitted in court documents that “there was a possibility the sexual activity could have taken place”.

He also sent the following text to the mother of his child:

Social Media

Although Gleaves attempted to remove most of his social media (likely at a lawyer’s urging), we were able to track down a few of his youtube videos:

The first is of him and a friend in Wal-Mart talking about how easy it is to steal a case of beer from wal-mart and drink it while you walk around

The second is of him dancing:

So, Nashville, Why is this this person trusted to be a recently promoted Lieutenant in the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, despite a clear pattern of behavior?

MNPD Affidavit for current arrest:

Victim came to DVD about an incident that took place at her place of employment, (redacted) @ 0030 hrs. Victim stated that victim 2, who is a mechanic, was bringing her vehicle to her place of employment for her. Victim 1 & 2 stated that there is no romantic involvement between them (friends only).

Victim 2 stated via recorded interview that the suspect followed him into the work parking lot, blocked him in, and approached his door yelling that he was “fucking his wife”. Victim 2 stated that he got out of his vehicle to confront the suspect. The suspect was in full uniform, as he had just got off work @ DCSO/Harding Place. Victim 1 came outside as the suspect retrieved a handgun from his vehicle. Victim 1 stated that she stood in between victim 2 and the suspect. Both victims’ stated that the suspect held the gun at his side while yelling that he should shoot both of them.

At some point during the yelling, victim 2 told the suspect, “If you pull a gun, you better use it”. Victim 1 stated that shortly after that exchange, the suspect departed the scene. Victim 1 gave a recorded statement at DVD, which was corroborated by the statement given by victim 2. Victim 1 stated that she was in fear for her safety at the moment the suspect pulled his handgun. Victim 2 stated that he was not in fear of his safety during this incident. Detectives went to suspect’s mothers address @ 1316 Coreland Drive to try and interview the suspect who was staying there. Suspect was not at location but was contacted via phone by his sister. The suspect talked with Detective Hummell, But refused to come in for an interview, stating “press the charges you have to press, but I’m not talking with you without a lawyer”.



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