Catalan Salvador pulls gun on DCSO Officer executing eviction orders

18-year-old Catalan Salvador was charged with aggravated assault and resisting with a deadly weapon when DCSO planned to evict him, and he pulled a pistol, then ran when MNPD attempted to place him into custody. On July 24th, MNPD arrived at Nolensville Pike to assist DCSO, who was at the residence to evict Catalan. DCSO Deputy Lugg said that he went to an upstairs room in the residence and found a doorway covered with a blanket. When Deputy Lugg pulled the cover back, he saw Catalan standing in the room brandishing a pistol at Deputy Lugg. He then instructed Catalan to drop the pistol and go outside; he obliged. MNPD Found Catalan outside when they arrived and told him that they were placing him into custody; he then ran on foot from them. With the help of DCSO, Catalan was brought to the ground and continued to resist the arrest by not putting his hands behind his back and refusing entry to the police vehicle. He was taken to the general hospital for the injuries he sustained during the resistance before being transported to jail.

Wife drags husband out of home to evict him, steps over his injured body to go back inside — Kristian Dukes

Metro Police say 49-year-old Kristian Dukes grabbed her sleeping husband, Brandon Burgett, under his arms and dragged him off the couch and out the door, dropping him onto the ground as she stepped over his injured body on her way back inside. Police documented multiple bruises and lacerations to the victim’s body, and blood on his left foot, which she had attempted to shut in the door. Dukes initially denied ever touching the victim, but later admitted to the struggle, adding she was intoxicated.

The victim states Dukes has been attempting to evict him from the property for a period of time.

Eviction Notice: Zanisha Jenkins (NishaPooh) of the #BoosterClub

On Tuesday, the Haynes Garden apartments filed an eviction notice for Zanisha Jenkins (aka NishaPooh) of the #BoosterClub, who also just bonded out on her 3rd bond of the month – from Davidson, Maury, & Rutherford Counties. She’s facing up to several years in jail, should she get full sentences, as some are felonies, though will likely only serve a few months with probation afterwards. But until then, she’ll need to find somewhere to live, because here’s the detainer warrant that Haynes Garden Apartments filed against her in civil court…

Erica Fenton Calls $175K Cloud IX Lawsuit “Rumors” – We obtained her signed lease, detailing the “FACTS”.

Erica Fenton, owner of Cloud IX, recently posted on her personal social media account “$175,712.28 worth of #RUMORS later, #AWOKAY” along with a photo of her inside Cloud IX. So we decided to verify the details of exactly how the $175,712.28 detainer warrant / eviction lawsuit breaks down. We obtained a copy of her signed lease, and independently confirmed the contract debt is valid per the terms she agreed to. In short, Fenton signed a 5-year lease on the building, agreeing to the full amount of the 5 year lease,…