Tourist William McGuane jailed after fight at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

51-year-old tourist William McGuane was jailed late December 30th after fighting at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Security staff say they separated all involved parties, and McGuane continued to be confrontational with security. Officers arrived to find him detained and took him into custody. Officers also noted he attempted to fight officers while he was handcuffed.

Tourist Caleb Segura pulls fire alarm to avoid paying bar tab at Redneck Riviera

30-year-old Coloradoan Caleb John Segura reportedly pulled a fire alarm at the Redneck Riviera bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night after his credit card declined when he attempted to pay his tab. He attempted to flee the location during the commotion but was stopped by security and detained for police. Segura is charged with felony false report of an emergency. 

Collin Russell attempts to flirt with Vanderbilt officer, throws water bottle and flees

18-year-old Collin Russell was reportedly driving recklessly on the roof level of a Vanderbilt parking garage on May 26. When a campus officer arrived to investigate, Officer Kylie Burr says Russell pulled up beside her and asked how much she made and if she enjoyed her job. He then drives away quickly and nearly hits a wall. As she goes to advise them to slow down, Russell threw a bottle of water at her and sped away. Nearby officers responded and located Russell and a passenger in an older model Cadillac near the garage entrance. Russell admitted to throwing the bottle at the officer.

Russell Tinney found walking naked in roadway near Nashville Airport

36-year-old Russell Tinney was found completely naked and walking in the middle of the roadway on Knights of Columbus Blvd near BN Drive Saturday evening. Airport Police responded to the call and identified Tinny, who is from South Carolina, and said he was extremely intoxicated. He was placed into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Tourist Jamie Arnado jailed after attempting to put her finger in boyfriend’s bum in Nashville hotel

47-year-old Jamie Arnado, a tourist from California, reportedly attempted to stick her finger in her boyfriend’s anus at the Holston House Hotel in downtown Nashville early Monday morning, ending in quite the commotion, and eventually, her in a jail cell. The couple, who have been dating for five years, had been drinking Sunday night before returning to their hotel. As she entered the hotel, she screamed at the staff, demanding a late checkout, and became aggressive. Her boyfriend, Patrick Jenks, was able to get her into their room despite her yelling “shut up” at him during the process. About an hour later, she called the front desk and stated she had been assaulted. Security went to the room, at which time she told her boyfriend she was going to have him arrested for assault, and claimed he grabbed her wrist and twisted it. As police arrived and conducted interviews, it was revealed that she had attempted to stick her finger in her boyfriend’s anus during a sexual encounter, and he told her to stop, and she scratched him along his back, which is what caused him to grab her wrist. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Lee Westfall attacks wife after she doesn’t answer his phone calls

45-year-old Lee Westfall was jailed on April 13th after reportedly punching his wife in the mouth when she didn’t answer his phone calls. Police responded to Keeton Avenue, where they spoke to Angelique Batey, who said she was on the porch talking to her son on the phone when her Husband walked over and started arguing with her for not answering his phone calls. Westfall then tried to smack the phone out of her hands and pushed her down the stairs. He grabbed her purse and his clothes and said he was leaving. Batey tried to go towards the driver’s side of the car and grab her purse, but Westfall pulled her out of the car by her clothes and punched her in the mouth. Police saw her injuries and her ripped clothing. A witness told police that he heard the altercation from upstairs.

Christopher Sanchez too drunk for Redneck Riviera in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Christopher Sanchez was removed from the Redneck Riviera just before 1 a.m. Saturday due to his disorderly and disruptive behavior. As security was attempting to escort him outside, he began to swing at the bouncers and fought with them. Nearby Metro Nashville Police officers observed the incident and took Sanchez into custody. Security declined to prosecute for the assault, but Sanchez was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Callie Carder assaults boyfriend multiple times, upset she can’t drive while drunk

Late Sunday night Metro Nashville Police say 23-year-old Callie Carder was at her workplace at Fifth and Broadway when she called her boyfriend of two years, Caleb Gaw, and stated she was extremely intoxicated and about to drive to their home. Gaw immediately rushed to the location to pick her up, along with a co-worker who would be dropped off along the way. An argument began and continued the entire ride, where Carder was upset she was unable to drive, and she reportedly continued to assault her boyfriend and made continued and repetitive attempts to “rip the steering wheel out of his hands.”

After the friend was dropped off near Edmondson Pike, the argument escalated, and he stopped the car at the Ellington Ag Center as it was unsafe to drive. Carder then retrieved her metal weed grinder and bashed it into his forehead, leaving a one-inch laceration. He ripped it from her hand and tossed it out the window, and called 911 during this period, but the call ended. He then drove the car the remainder of the way home to separate himself from her, and she assaulted him again on the way inside.

Sultan Al Shareef booted out of Jason Aldean’s, busts out of DCSO booking

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville observed 21-year-old Sultan Nassir Al Shareef extremely intoxicated and disorderly in front of Jason Aldean’s Bar in the early hours of Sunday morning. Al Shareef was fighting with security and had his legs wrapped around the security ropes. He pushed and shoved and refused to be cuffed by officers who were attempting to detain him. Eventually, he was placed in the back of a patrol vehicle but was too intoxicated to provide any information about himself. A friend who was nearby provided Shareef’s name and phone number. As he was being brought inside to booking, Al Shareef attempted to run out and jumped over multiple DCSO guards to get out of the Sally port. He was eventually overpowered and processed.

James McReynolds jailed after downtown Nashville Broadway Brawl

30-year-old James McReynolds was observed by Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative early Sunday morning as he was fighting in a large brawl outside of Nudie’s Honky Tonk. Officers were eventually able to separate all the involved parties, and McReynolds was one of the involved parties.