California Tourist Alansan Bangura tased after resisting arrest, tells officers they’re “enslaving him”

36-year-old California tourist Alansan Bangura caused a disturbance at Luke’s 32 Bridge late March 10th. Security for the establishment alerted authorities and advised them that Bangura refused to leave the bar after being told to do so. Security noted that this was due to Bangura annoying other patrons, bumping into them, and making a scene. When the officers arrived, they tried to speak with him, but he was verbally irate, disregarding their commands. Officers then went to detain Bangura, but he became resistive, pushing backward, causing them to fall onto the ground in an unknown liquid. During this scuffle, Bangura fell onto Officer Tucker, injuring his shoulder. While on the ground, Bangura continued to resist, refusing to give officers his hands. When officers got his left wrist into a handcuff, they told him that he would be tasered if he continued not to cooperate, which he did not. After numerous chances, Officer Liquori placed the taser on Bangura’s back and dry-stunned him. After being tased, Bangura finally gave the officers his hand so they could detain him. Bangura repeatedly told officers that they were “enslaving him” and that they needed to take him to the precinct to let him go. Bangura also called them racial slurs while on the way to booking. Bangura was taken into custody for the assault of an officer, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing on March 11th.

DUI: Riley Chlebik drives his scooter into a car in downtown Nashville

27-year-old Riley Nicholas Chlebik was involved in a vehicle vs. scooter accident at the Elm Street and 3rd Avenue South intersection on October 11th. Chlebik was being placed into the back of an ambulance when officers arrived. They spoke with the car’s driver, who stated that Chlebik ran through a stop sign and was turning into the front of his vehicle. Chlebik advised officers that he was going home from work and admitted to drinking before driving, stating, “I am probably over the legal limit.” Officers observed him to be visibly intoxicated and transported him to Vanderbilt Hospital, where he did not know whether he hit a person or a car with his scooter. He was booked on a citation for driving under the influence on December 12th.

Tourist Jamie Arnado jailed after attempting to put her finger in boyfriend’s bum in Nashville hotel

47-year-old Jamie Arnado, a tourist from California, reportedly attempted to stick her finger in her boyfriend’s anus at the Holston House Hotel in downtown Nashville early Monday morning, ending in quite the commotion, and eventually, her in a jail cell. The couple, who have been dating for five years, had been drinking Sunday night before returning to their hotel. As she entered the hotel, she screamed at the staff, demanding a late checkout, and became aggressive. Her boyfriend, Patrick Jenks, was able to get her into their room despite her yelling “shut up” at him during the process. About an hour later, she called the front desk and stated she had been assaulted. Security went to the room, at which time she told her boyfriend she was going to have him arrested for assault, and claimed he grabbed her wrist and twisted it. As police arrived and conducted interviews, it was revealed that she had attempted to stick her finger in her boyfriend’s anus during a sexual encounter, and he told her to stop, and she scratched him along his back, which is what caused him to grab her wrist. She was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

California tourist Nathan Scheid charged with DUI in Nashville

34-year-old Nathan Scheid was jailed on March 29th after causing an accident that left another driver injured on Broadway. The victim of the accident was Dylan Miller, whose vehicle was turned over at the scene of the accident. Miller was transported to the hospital due to his injuries. When officers first saw Scheid, he was leaving his vehicle with items from within. Officers could smell the alcohol coming off of his breath when he told police that he had been drinking at two different bars downtown. He agreed to sobriety tests that he performed poorly on and was taken to booking.

California’s Christian Montion-Dominguez drunk and disorderly at the Holiday Inn Express

28-year-old Christian Montiondominguez was at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway in the early hours of Saturday morning, yelling and screaming at security and front desk staff, who confirmed he was not a guest of the hotel. He made multiple threats against both people and refused to leave the property. As police took him into custody for trespassing, they noted him to be extremely intoxicated.

Tourist Weston Porter arrested in Nashville after being drunk & disorderly downtown

22-Weston Porter was outside of Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night as he approached Metro Nashville Police officers working in the area and shoulder-checked them while telling them there was a fight in the area. He bumped into the elbows and shoulders of multiple officers while causing a disturbance among the general public in the area. The only person attempting to fight in the area was Porter. Officers advised him to move along and go home, but Porter refused and continued to be drunk and disorderly. As police explained he was being taken into custody for public intoxication, Porter pulled away and resisted arrest. Once in custody, Porter repeatedly asked why he was cuffed, if it was illegal to be drunk in Nashville on a Friday night, and stated that he had been drinking beer.

Scott Valentine bounced from Whiskey Row, lands in jail after fighting to get back in

Just before 3 a.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville responded to Whiskey Row on Broadway to find 22-year-old Scott Valentine being disorderly. Management of the bar reported they had asked him to leave the business, and he refused, then security physically removed him after the began to fight with them, and he continued to attempt to re-enter the bar. Officer took him into custody and transported him to booking.

Brittnie Dodson: drunk and disorderly at Nashville International Airport

As Nashville Airport Police were responding to a medical emergency call at gate C22 Saturday afternoon, and simultaneously there was a drunk and disorderly person call near the same area. As officers and medics were tending to the first call and speaking to the passenger, the person from the drunk & disorderly call, identified as 29-year-old Brittnie Dodson, began to stick her iPhone in the face of first responders, demanding to be escorted out of the area. An officer broke away from the medical call to escort Dodson to a taxi, however, she kept touching the officer while filming and weaving and wobbling while attempting to walk. After she started yelling obscenities across the airport she was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

California Fire Captain kicked out of Nudie’s Honky Tonk twice in two days — Justin Wilson

43-year-old Justin Wilson, a Captain with the Stockton California Fire Department, unlocked a new achievement while in Nashville. Metro Nashville Police say he was kicked out of Nudie’s Honky Tonk twice in two days. Josh Hightower, the General Manager of the bar, says he advised Wilson to leave the bar on Friday, May 6th, and not return. On Saturday, May 7th, Hightower says Wilson returned to Nudie’s Honky tonk. Police were contacted, and during an interview, Wilson reportedly told them he did not remember being kicked out the night before. Police took Wilson into custody and charged him with criminal trespass due to him being removed the night before, and refusing to leave when asked on this visit.

Father & Son Tourists cause CODE 5000 #OfficerDown call on Broadway — Weston & William Kandarian

24-year-old Weston Kandarian says off-duty South Carthage Police Officer, Kenneth Thomas, who was working as security for Tootsie’s on Broadway, asked his father, 55-year-old William Kandarian, to leave the venue due to being disruptive and reportedly standing on barstools. Weston interjected and punched and attacked the off-duty officer, while his father, William, placed the officer-turned-bouncer into a chokehold until he lost consciousness. Weston claims the officer is the one who placed him in a headlock first and started the physical confrontation. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt for treatment.