Brawling Bros arrested after Broadway tussle — Travis Santos & Di’on King

20-year-old Di’on Lovell King of Nashville, and 32-year-old Travis Chas Santos, of Oakley, California, brawled on Broadway in September. Both parties were arrested by Metro Nashville Police. While it was unsure who started the initial argument, King claims Santos “walked up on him”. Officers had to pull Santos off of King. Both were charged with disorderly conduct. Neither party sought assault charges on the other.

Nash Vegas Bar Brawl – 11/10 (4 Videos)

In case you missed it – videos from last night’s brawl at Nash Vegas Bar. Reportedly this all started over a racial comment from one patron to another. According to bar management: “ It had nothing to do with any MC(Motorcycle Club). It was started by one single ignorant guy talking racial slurs to another guy. That sad, that simple. There was no bikes in the parking lot and appears from the cameras that the three bikers in the bar stayed clear of the fighting.” Video credit to Andrew Timmerman.…