Tourist Weston Porter arrested in Nashville after being drunk & disorderly downtown

22-Weston Porter was outside of Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night as he approached Metro Nashville Police officers working in the area and shoulder-checked them while telling them there was a fight in the area. He bumped into the elbows and shoulders of multiple officers while causing a disturbance among the general public in the area. The only person attempting to fight in the area was Porter. Officers advised him to move along and go home, but Porter refused and continued to be drunk and disorderly. As police explained he was being taken into custody for public intoxication, Porter pulled away and resisted arrest. Once in custody, Porter repeatedly asked why he was cuffed, if it was illegal to be drunk in Nashville on a Friday night, and stated that he had been drinking beer.

Kaitlyn Djakov jailed after dancing in the streets & fleeing from cops in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 36-year-old tourist Kaitlyn Djakov was dancing in the street at 4th & Broadway just before midnight Thursday. She remained in a lane of traffic when the light turned green for traffic, and an officer pointed for her to move about on her way, making eye contact. He eventually then approached her for her own safety, believing her to be intoxicated, at which time she fled from him and ran inside Honky Tonk Central, according to an arrest report. When he caught up with her and told her she was under arrest for public intoxication, she pulled, twisted, and used her body in an attempt to avoid arrest. She was transported to booking.

Joshua Mier charged with public intoxication at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Sunday afternoon, and while they were taking another individual from another incident into custody, 45-year-old Joshua Lee Mier grabbed Officer Randall and began to interfere with the arrest. Determined to interject himself into the situation, Mier was also taken into custody due to his extreme level of intoxication and inability to care for himself in public.