Joshua Mier charged with public intoxication at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Sunday afternoon, and while they were taking another individual from another incident into custody, 45-year-old Joshua Lee Mier grabbed Officer Randall and began to interfere with the arrest. Determined to interject himself into the situation, Mier was also taken into custody due to his extreme level of intoxication and inability to care for himself in public.

Dawid Lacki deemed too drunk to care for himself in downtown Nashville #CMAFest

A citizen noticed that 31-year-old Dawid Lacki had fallen and injured himself on 3rd Ave South in downtown Nashville Saturday and alerted a nearby officer. When approached, the man refused medical treatment and insisted he was fine, however, he appeared too intoxicated to be left on his own. He was deemed to be a hazard to himself and transported to booking.

Ethan Carter charged with public intoxication after refusing to stay away from interstate traffic

Police were investigating a vehicle crash in which 23-year-old Ethan Carter was a passenger. As he exited the vehicle he was obviously intoxicated, and police say he was disorderly during the entire investigation and continuously stumbled into the roadway, into lanes of traffic, and refused to exit the interstate exit-ramp to an area that was safer for pedestrians. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with public intoxication due to his refusal to care for his own safety in his state of intoxication.