Lorenzo Reyes jailed for ‘rioting’ while filming a Nashville street racer event

20-year-old Lorenzo Reyes filmed an illegal street racing event on August 5th at Airpark Center East with a drone when police spoke to him. Police noted that Lorenzo was operating the drone in a closed air space due to its proximity to BNA Nashville Airport. The BNA tower said this was dangerous and said they did not pick up the drone on any of their radars. The officer also stated that he attempted to stop several vehicles, but they left at high rates of speed. Many of those said vehicles had no tags displayed or any other identifiable marks. The officer determined that the illegal street racing would continue due to seeing social media posts displaying vehicles engaging in reckless street racing at another location in Davidson County. Inside Lorenzo’s car, police found his drone, which he said was just a hobby, and two containers of marijuana.

Grant Williams charged with DUI after late-night East Nashville crash

28-year-old Grant Williams was involved in a vehicle crash near S. 5th St. & Crutcher St. and while speaking to responding officers, they detected an odor of alcohol coming from him. He admitted he had just come from a bar where he had “three beers” in the time shortly before the crash. After initially agreeing to field sobriety tests he became unwilling or unable to complete them.

He eventually blew a 0.132% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Nicholas Conrad walks away from DUI crash, asks officers if he can just “sleep it off?”

29-year-old Nicholas Conrad crashed his vehicle on Ellington Parkway early Wednesday morning and then began walking down the roadway away from the scene. Officers located him as they were responding to the call, near Broadmoor Drive & Ellington Parkway. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and was very unsteady on his feed. In his possession, while walking, were not only the keys to his Nissan Versa, but he also brought the owner’s manual along for the walk. Though Conrad refused all field sobriety testing, he admitted he “made a mistake” and asked officers if he could just “sleep it off?”

California Fire Captain kicked out of Nudie’s Honky Tonk twice in two days — Justin Wilson

43-year-old Justin Wilson, a Captain with the Stockton California Fire Department, unlocked a new achievement while in Nashville. Metro Nashville Police say he was kicked out of Nudie’s Honky Tonk twice in two days. Josh Hightower, the General Manager of the bar, says he advised Wilson to leave the bar on Friday, May 6th, and not return. On Saturday, May 7th, Hightower says Wilson returned to Nudie’s Honky tonk. Police were contacted, and during an interview, Wilson reportedly told them he did not remember being kicked out the night before. Police took Wilson into custody and charged him with criminal trespass due to him being removed the night before, and refusing to leave when asked on this visit.

MMA fighter bites roommate’s testicles during argument, leaving 2.5-inch laceration — Donovan Salvato

29-year-old MMA fighter Donovan Salvato spent 12 hours in the Metro Nashville Jail this week on a domestic violence hold after he bit his roommate’s testicles during an argument. Police documented a 2.5-inch laceration of the victim’s scrotum, multiple bruises, and swelling to his head. Salvato is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Impaired Hermitage neighbor pulls gun, says: “I will shoot you”

Markeshia Dillard

32-year-old Markeshia Dillard was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and possessing a weapon while intoxicated after pulling a gun on and threatening to kill her neighbor.

Woman charged with vandalism of a business goes back to scare customers

30-year-old Sarah Percell was charged with disorderly conduct after she struck fear into the manager and the customers of the Egyptian Latino Tobacco Market, the location which she recently vandalized.