Teenage Roomate Rumble: Kyle Kitchen, Julianna Hobbs, & Eric Hutchenson Jr

19-year-old Kyle Kitchen, 18-year-old Julianna Hobbs, & 18-year-old Eric Hutchenson Jr were jailed early Saturday morning after multiple violent incidents occurred between the trio. Jason told police he was home hanging with friends when he and his ex-girlfriend Julianna got into an argument, and she struck him. Police asked him where she hit him at, but he couldn’t remember. According to Jason, after the incident with Juliana, Eric told him not to talk to Juliana like that and tried to punch him, but he ducked and dodged the hit and fell to the ground. Jason went to get back up, and Kyle entered the apartment, put Jason in a headlock for a short time, and then let go. Officers observed injuries to Jason’s cheek and neck consistent with the story. Eric returned to the scene to speak with the police and told them that Jason told him he was going to kill everyone, which allegedly led to the fight.

MMA fighter bites roommate’s testicles during argument, leaving 2.5-inch laceration — Donovan Salvato

29-year-old MMA fighter Donovan Salvato spent 12 hours in the Metro Nashville Jail this week on a domestic violence hold after he bit his roommate’s testicles during an argument. Police documented a 2.5-inch laceration of the victim’s scrotum, multiple bruises, and swelling to his head. Salvato is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Roommate rumble over a cell phone turns into assault charge

23-year-old Kayla Mabry was charged with domestic assault after an argument with her roommate about a cell phone turned into a physical rumble involving punches and bruises.