Mason Choate fishtails between lanes in Dodge Charger leaving Nissan Stadium

21-year-old Mason Choate was booked on the citation of aggravated reckless driving on March 25th. On February 10th, officers observed him in his white Dodge Charger, leaving the Nissan Stadium parking lot and turning onto South 2nd Street. Choate started spinning his tires, fishtailing across the travel lanes before stopping at South 2nd Street and Shelby Avenue. When the light turned green, he accelerated and spun his tires, causing his vehicle to do a 180-degree spin, so officers conducted a traffic stop and ordered him to get out of his car. During the stop, Choate started reversing his car while arguing with officers, then he stopped and exited his Charger. Choate told officers his back right tire was bad, so he spun out. Choate was cited for the incident that day. Choate was booked on the citation on March 25th.

DUI: Dominic Rivera pops Adderall and drinks beer before driving with fully loaded pistol

25-year-old Dominic Rivera II failed to stop in his black 2016 Lexus at a posted stop sign near 51st Avenue and Indiana Avenue late March 8th. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and then noticed he reeked of alcohol as they approached the driver’s side to speak with him. They also saw two Coors Light’s, one empty, one a quarter-full, and a Hennessy bottle in the center console. Rivera II told them that he had taken some Adderall earlier in the day, and two hours later, he had two beers with his dinner. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and was informed of implied consent, which he refused. A search of his vehicle resulted in them locating a Glock Gen5 pistol with one in the chamber and a fully loaded magazine. Rivera was taken into custody for the possession of a handgun while under the influence, implied consent, and driving under the influence on March 9th.

John McGee kills woman in crash on Clarksville Pike, tells police it “just happened”

39-year-old John Roger McGee was taken into custody for failing to yield, which resulted in death on February 12th. On September 14th, 2023, Officers responded to a crash on Clarksville Pike and observed a gold Toyota Camry and a red Saturn Aurora with significant front-end damage. The driver of the Saturn, Mary Wheeler, was transported to Skyline Hospital, where she died due to injuries sustained in the collision. McGee spoke with officers and told them that he did not know how the crash occurred and that it “just happened.” A witness, Patrick Hunt, advised officers that he was driving behind McGee’s Camry when it suddenly crossed the other lane and struck the Saturn. Based on the witness statement and roadway evidence, it was determined that Wheeler was driving north on Clarksville Pike when McGee crashed into her. John McGee was taken into custody for failing to yield, which resulted in death on February 12th.

Stanley Dobson parks semi-truck in prohibited area

62-year-old Stanley Dobson was found on the scene of a crash at I-65 South on July 30th, 2023. Officers observed a Silver Honda Accord with significant damage at the front of the vehicle and a red semi-truck with a trailer. The trailer sustained disabling damage to its rear axles. Officers spoke with the owner of the semi-truck, Dobson, and received his information. When they checked the silver Honda Accord, they found out that the vehicle had significant front-end damage and the passenger had died in the crash. Shortly after, officers discovered that Dobson parked his semi-truck on the right side of I-65 in a prohibited parking area. Dobson was taken into custody and charged with a parking violation.

Spectator Lytle Allen jailed for attending car sideshow event in Antioch as a bystander

20-year-old Lytle Allen was one of several street racers jailed Saturday night after a meetup on Logistics Way. Officers stated they had been following the group all night in an attempt to break it up as they continued to change locations. A group of 50-100 people remained when officers arrived at the Amazon property in Antioch, and they were spinning in the pit, placing multiple people in danger, according to police. Metro Nashville Police admit that Allen “did not actively participate in such behavior” himself, but stood in the proximity of such actions with other people.” He was taken into custody and charged with rioting for his participation as a spectator.

Street Racer Abdulrahman Taha jailed after wrecking on Nolensville Pike

19-year-old Abdulrahman Taha was driving a 2022 black Hyundai on Nolensville Road as he raced another vehicle on May 27th and passed through an intersection where a Metro Nashville Police Officer was stopped at a red light. An officer a short distance away watched as Taha approached his position and ran through another intersection while hitting a car that was properly navigating the roadway. The other party was injured in the crash, and Taha was taken into custody. His license plate was a fake tag that read: “confused.” a GoPro camera was also located attached to the back window of the car, and a Beretta 9 mm handgun was in the back seat.

Qusai Ayesh jailed after fight with his teenage brother in Antioch

19-year-old Qusai Ayesh was jailed on April 14th after grabbing his little brother at their home on Old Hickory Boulevard. Police spoke to the minor victim, who said his brother Quasi took his phone and other items, grabbed him, and stopped him from leaving the house. Quasi would not let him go, so the little brother started hitting him to get him to let go; at one point, he took a plate and hit him in the head with it. He said that’s when his mother stepped between them to stop the fight. Quasi told police that he grabbed his brother to stop him from leaving and that he is the older brother, and his little brother needs to listen to him. He said his mother, Neema Ayesh, and father, Jad Ayesh split them apart. Officers observed injuries on Quasi and the little brother. Jad wanted to prosecute on his juvenile son’s behalf until the mother became irate about it, and he refused. Quasi was transported to booking.

Teenage Roomate Rumble: Kyle Kitchen, Julianna Hobbs, & Eric Hutchenson Jr

19-year-old Kyle Kitchen, 18-year-old Julianna Hobbs, & 18-year-old Eric Hutchenson Jr were jailed early Saturday morning after multiple violent incidents occurred between the trio. Jason told police he was home hanging with friends when he and his ex-girlfriend Julianna got into an argument, and she struck him. Police asked him where she hit him at, but he couldn’t remember. According to Jason, after the incident with Juliana, Eric told him not to talk to Juliana like that and tried to punch him, but he ducked and dodged the hit and fell to the ground. Jason went to get back up, and Kyle entered the apartment, put Jason in a headlock for a short time, and then let go. Officers observed injuries to Jason’s cheek and neck consistent with the story. Eric returned to the scene to speak with the police and told them that Jason told him he was going to kill everyone, which allegedly led to the fight.

Roommates rumble at job site over tools — Jefferson Ixcol arrested

36-year-old Jefferson Ixcol was jailed on March 17th after slapping his roommate Ambrosio Adolfo across the face over an argument at work. Adolfo and Ixcol work together at a construction site on Ben Hill Drive. Adolfo went to talk to their boss Juarez Diego about the disagreement that he was having with Ixcol when Ixcol came up from behind and smacked Adolfo across his face. Apparently, Adolfo had been using Ixcol’s tools and not replacing them, which started the argument. Ixcol denies smacking Adolfo. He told police that Adolfo told him to hit him, but he didn’t; he pushed him instead. Police asked Diego if that were true, and he said no, that Ixcol did indeed slap Adolfo.

Isaac Baugh strangles girlfriend when she doesn’t make him dinner

Cecilia Nelson says her 32-year-old boyfriend Isaac Baugh called on his way home to ask if she had made dinner Saturday evening, and she told him she had not. When he arrived home, he reportedly yelled at her to come downstairs and cook him dinner. She came downstairs, and they argued while she was in the kitchen. She says he got up from the dining room table, where he was waiting, and threw a Mentos package at her, hitting her in the head. She demanded he leaves, and as she began to go back upstairs, Baugh grabbed her by the neck and strangled her during an assault. Officers documented injuries on the victim consistent with strangulation.