Man charged with assaulting former employee outside Nashville courthouse — Robert Joiner arrested

57-year-old Robert Keith Joiner was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Tuesday on an outstanding warrant alleging he grabbed a former employee by the neck as he was exiting the courthouse and pushed him into a wall where he continued to assault the victim and take his cell phone, which he was using to record. The victim was treated for a hip and head contusion at a local hospital. A commissioner released Joiner, who is from Colorado, on his own recognizance without posting a bond.

#DAYDRUNK: Tourist found laid out on the sidewalk of Margaritaville — Colin Gavin

Nashville Police found 24-year-old Colin Gavin, of Ft. Collins, CO., on the sidewalk of Margaritaville in downtown Nashville Saturday at 6:32 p.m. He reportedly did not know where he was, nor where his friends were.

U-Haul renter charged after hitting parking garage lift gate and fleeing to Colorado

30-year-old Nicholas Price was charged with vandalism after damaging a Bank of America lift gate and two cars in their parking garage. He then fled to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Nashville man accused of stalking ex & tracking her with GPS captured in Denver after fleeing: Josh Quick

In March of 2018, we reported on Joshua Quick, who is accused of tracking his ex-girlfriend with a GPS device, knowing she had an order of protection against him. Before the Grand Jury even returned his indictment, he fled the state to Colorado and start a new life. Late Sunday night was escorted back to Nashville to answer to the charges.

Matthew Stuff – Assaults/Strangles Girlfriend & Slashes Her Paintings, per Police Report

Matthew Stuff was arrested for Agg Assault/Strangulation & Vandalism on Wednesday after getting drunk and strangling his girlfriend after slashing her paintings, according to court records. According to the victim, she was dating Matthew Stuff, and he was at her house on 01/18 when the events below happened. She reported the incident to police just after it happened, and Stuff was picked up on the warrant yesterday morning. Per the police report, Stuff had been drinking and became beligerent and started to call her names while visiting at her house.…