#DAYDRUNK: Tourist found laid out on the sidewalk of Margaritaville — Colin Gavin

Nashville Police found 24-year-old Colin Gavin, of Ft. Collins, CO., on the sidewalk of Margaritaville in downtown Nashville Saturday at 6:32 p.m. He reportedly did not know where he was, nor where his friends were.

Metro Police Officer Blocks Access to Sidewalk with Patrol Car at Home

Metro Nashville Police Department Officer Andrae Starling has been noticed by neighbors repeatedly parking his city owned patrol car in his driveway in a manner that completely blocks the sidewalk in front of his home – preventing access by pedestrians, especially those with strollers & wheelchairs – causing them to have to cross the grass and go into the road in order to pass by his home. Metro Codes shows a complaint received via email, entered on 07/20/17, that states  a “metro officer parking his patrol car on sidewalk and…