Eric Thatcher, charged with sexual exploitation, says he was attracted to minors “at one time”

30-year-old Eric Thatcher is charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor after officers located over 100 sexual images of minors in his Dropbox online storage account. In some of the videos, the minor females were as young as toddlers, and some were dressed in bondage attire in the videos. During an interview, Thatcher admitted to receiving the videos and images and viewing them. He disclosed that he “at one time” had a sexual attraction to minors.

Emanuel Pedreira Valdes charged in brutal beating — “I should have stopped. I didn’t mean to hurt her”.

32-year-old Emanuel Pedreira Valdes is charged with the brutal beating of his girlfriend, Cassandra Neal, inside their Antioch apartment. He beat her until she vomited, and strangled her until she couldn’t breathe. The assault began when he accused her of cheating and spread from an upstairs bathroom to every room in the home. He pushed her hit her, slapped her bit her, strangled her twice, punched her in the face, and threatened to kill her as he strangled her again. Police documented redness to her face, cuts, bruising, red marks, and swelling. In a statement to police, Pedreira Valdes said “I should have stopped. I didn’t mean to hurt her”.

Nashville Musician Jess Coppens charged with DUI after admitting to drinking & using phone before crash — 0.176 BAC

27-year-old musician Jessica Coppens was booked into the Metro Nasvhille Jail early Tuesday morning after a crash with injuries on East Trinity Lane in Nashville. She initially told police she was at fault for the wreck and admitted to running a red light while looking at her phone. She also admitted to consuming three beers in the four hours prior to driving. Police say she performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and blew over twice the legal limit on the breathalyzer, a 0.176 BAC. She was charged with DUI and is free on pre-trial release.

Belmont’s Potter Hall Brawl — Aidan Murphy charged in assault of roommate on campus

19-year-old Aidan Murphy was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Monday, charged with the domestic assault of his college roommate, Ryan Fleming, at Belmont University. He reportedly pushed his roommate into a heating unit and punched him in the face at least twice, causing injuries after Fleming reportedly made comments about his mental health when Murphy accused him of taking a backpack.

Man charged with assaulting former employee outside Nashville courthouse — Robert Joiner arrested

57-year-old Robert Keith Joiner was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Tuesday on an outstanding warrant alleging he grabbed a former employee by the neck as he was exiting the courthouse and pushed him into a wall where he continued to assault the victim and take his cell phone, which he was using to record. The victim was treated for a hip and head contusion at a local hospital. A commissioner released Joiner, who is from Colorado, on his own recognizance without posting a bond.

Nashville teens use stun gun & hammer to rob & kidnap man after Snapchat Catfish setup

A trio of 18-year-olds from Nashville are charged after a female lured a man to a 40th Ave N. home, at which point Deyton Farless, Michael Barlow, and Hugo Tabora, were among the teens that held him using a stun gun and hammer, robbed him of his belonging, forced him to drain his CashApp account, then kidnapped him using his own vehicle, drove 7 miles before dumping him out, and then fled toward Cookeville and engaged in a chase with THP and local police.

ARREST: Nashville Minister Emma Dee Harlan confesses to stealing over $10,000 from Walmart as CSM

Nashville Minister Emma Dee Harlan, 60, confesses to stealing over $10,000 from a local Walmart (Dickerson Pike), where she worked as a CSM. Per the affidavit, by the time police arrived to Walmart, Emma Dee Harlan had already provided a written confession to Walmart asset protection employees, who observed the theft on video. Emma Dee Harlan was employed as a customer service manager at this location. On February 9, 2018 a CSM brought out a cash advance to the money center. The cash advance contained $7,500. Emma Dee Harlan can later…