Aaliyah Malone charged with theft from her employer, Walgreens

19-year-old Aaliyah Malone is charged with theft after police say she fraudulently moved $600 from her cash drawer at Walgreens to her Cash App account while she was working at the location on May 8. On the same day, she reportedly took an additional $87 in cash from the cash register.

Zurii De-Sean McGee Stines charged with stealing cousin’s money via CashApp transactions

33-year-old Zurii De-Sean McGee Stines was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging her with theft of property from her cousin, Tattiauana Davis. After noticing funds were missing from her bank account, an investigation revealed Zurii had used Tattiauana’s phone multiple times over a seven-week period, during which time she used the victim’s CaspApp to transfer a total of $860 to herself.

Montavious Cotton charged after CashApp Scam at auto parts store #ConArtist

22-year-old Montavious Cotton was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Sunday on an outstanding theft warrant. The warrant alleges that he and a friend went into an auto parts store in December and approached an employee, Kevin Crowell, claiming they needed a battery but didn’t have any money. The victim was sympathetic and agreed to buy the man a battery if he could be paid back, which Montavious said he would do via CashApp. After the purchase, in a ruse of showing the employee how to use Cashapp, Montavious quickly transferred $205 from the victim’s account to his own, said he “messed up” and would pay it back later, with extra, because he “needed it”. Cotton and his friend quickly fled the store and were never seen again.

Nashville teens use stun gun & hammer to rob & kidnap man after Snapchat Catfish setup

A trio of 18-year-olds from Nashville are charged after a female lured a man to a 40th Ave N. home, at which point Deyton Farless, Michael Barlow, and Hugo Tabora, were among the teens that held him using a stun gun and hammer, robbed him of his belonging, forced him to drain his CashApp account, then kidnapped him using his own vehicle, drove 7 miles before dumping him out, and then fled toward Cookeville and engaged in a chase with THP and local police.

Man strangles sister-in-law during family fight over missing Cashapp card

27-year-old Matthew Mckenzie was charged with aggravated assault after he strangled his sister-in-law while his wife was kicking her out of the apartment.