Man forces underage boy who catfished him as a girl to delete intimate photos at knifepoint — Korey Lewis

21-year-old Korey Lewis is charged with the felony aggravated assault of an underage boy at knifepoint. Court documents reveal Kory met the underage boy, who was posing as a girl named ‘CJ’ on Snapchat and sent the person intimate photos of himself. At some point, he realized ‘CJ’ was a boy and demanded the photos be deleted. ‘CJ’ gave him his address, and told him to bring money to him and he would delete the photos. Korey, along with his father, and another man, went to the address. The father watched as Korey met the underage boy who had catfished him, and the other male from their vehicle joined in the chase of the young man, which ended with Korey “intimidating” him with a knife to get the photos deleted. As Kory began physically assaulting the young man, Kory’s father told him to let him go, and they fled the scene. Korey confessed to the incident at police headquarters when questioned, and was taken into custody. He is free on a $10,000 bond.

Nashville teens use stun gun & hammer to rob & kidnap man after Snapchat Catfish setup

A trio of 18-year-olds from Nashville are charged after a female lured a man to a 40th Ave N. home, at which point Deyton Farless, Michael Barlow, and Hugo Tabora, were among the teens that held him using a stun gun and hammer, robbed him of his belonging, forced him to drain his CashApp account, then kidnapped him using his own vehicle, drove 7 miles before dumping him out, and then fled toward Cookeville and engaged in a chase with THP and local police.