Taras Carter charged after pushing girlfriend out of moving vehicle during an argument

During an argument in June, 21-year-old Taras Carter reportedly pushed his girlfriend, Caitlynn Chastain, out of his vehicle while he was still driving, and he fled the scene. Nashville Fire responded to the scene and transported the victim to the hospital, where multiple injuries, including a head injury, were treated. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

Man pulls knife on clerk when he doesn’t have ID to pick up alcohol for DoorDash order — Clayton Phifer

24-year-old Clayton Phifer and his wife were DoorDashing and had an order to pick up alcohol from a Berry Hill liquor store. When neither was able to produce ID to verify their age, they were denied the alcohol. After some back and forth, the store informed Clayton he was no longer welcome, and Clayton became irate and went outside only to return back inside with his wife. The clerk felt threatened and grabbed a bottle of liquor in case he had to defend himself, at which time Clayton pulled out a pocket knife and stated “there’s gonna be a murder scene in here”. The clerk and the Clayton were chest-to-chest during parts of the altercation and intimidation.

Employee charged with theft of vehicle scanner from Berry Hill NTB — Joseph Bundy

21-year-old Joseph Bundy was jailed Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging him with felony theft. Berry Hill Police say Bundy was an employee of National Tire & Battery, and in October of 2020 he placed a digital vehicle scanner valued at $5,000 in his vehicle at the location. Security footage shows him placing the scanner in his vehicle as he believed no one was watching, and never returned it, despite multiple requests from the business.

Man charged after pulling gun & threatening to shoot former co-worker — Zachary Queen arrested

26-year-old Zachary Queen was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after police say he was driving around erratically and suddenly jumped out of his vehicle and pointed a gun at a former co-worker, and threatened to shoot him.

The motive for the assault wasn’t clear at the time of the arrest. Queen is free on a $10,000 bond.

Montavious Cotton charged after CashApp Scam at auto parts store #ConArtist

22-year-old Montavious Cotton was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Sunday on an outstanding theft warrant. The warrant alleges that he and a friend went into an auto parts store in December and approached an employee, Kevin Crowell, claiming they needed a battery but didn’t have any money. The victim was sympathetic and agreed to buy the man a battery if he could be paid back, which Montavious said he would do via CashApp. After the purchase, in a ruse of showing the employee how to use Cashapp, Montavious quickly transferred $205 from the victim’s account to his own, said he “messed up” and would pay it back later, with extra, because he “needed it”. Cotton and his friend quickly fled the store and were never seen again.