Oliver Mya jailed on child pornography charges

40-year-old Oliver Mya was observed through his “Zaw Moe” Facebook profile by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC.) They reported four CyberTips to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) multiple times from June 25th, 2022, to September 12th, 2022. The report showed where that profile sent videos of child sexual abuse via Facebook Messenger. The IP address for the profile was from a computer located at Ocala Circle in Nashville. On September 25, Detective Harriman and Adkins arrived at the residence on Ocala Cir and knocked on the door. Oliver answered and told police that the “Zaw Moe” Facebook profile was his, but he was locked out. He said the email attached to the profile used to be his. When he was shown stills of the child sexual abuse videos, he said that he believed that the children in the videos would be “5 or 6 years old.” He admitted to receiving the videos and distributing them to other Facebook accounts. He is free on a $75,000 bond.

Bryce Owens charged in possession of child pornography via Snapchat

25-year-old Bryce Owens was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor via Snapchat. On Tuesday, Bryce spoke to the cops and confirmed that Snapchat banned his Snapchat account for “trading explicit behavior.” The account possessed six different sexual videos involving minors. Bryce told police that during a conversation with an unknown person, he was sent a video of a prepubescent female being sexually abused by a man. Also, he admitted to receiving another sexual video involving a prepubescent boy.

Scott Wood charged with distributing child pornography in Nashville

36-year-old Scott Wood Daniels, who commonly uses the name Scott William Wood, was jailed on March 10th for knowingly distributing material involving minors engaged in sexual activity in May 2021. A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted him on the charge, which specified there were between 1 and 25 items.

Musician Dave Gajda indicted on sexual exploitation of a minor charge in Nashville

A Davidson County Grandy Jury has indicted 33-year-old Dave Gajda on one count of sexual exploitation of a minor. The indictment alleges that between February 14th and June 27th of 2022, Gajda possessed material of a minor child participating in sexual activities. He is jailed in lieu of a $150,000 bond.

Tristan Hawkins confesses to possessing child porn for past seven years in East Nashville

21-year-old Tristan Hawkins is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor after he confessed to possessing, viewing, sending, and receiving child sexual abuse material, both images and videos, over the past seven years. A search of his online accounts and phone revealed hundreds of such items, including forcible rape. Details in arrest affidavit in the story. Hawkins is free on a $25,000 bond.

Jail Call: Akeen Warner begs that he “doesn’t wanna end up on Scoop” for child rape

36-year-old Akeen Warner was arrested on September 11th after he returned to the home of his ex-girlfriend after an argument. His ex, Doresha Blakely, was still hiding in the bathroom, which he entered while holding a gun at his side. As police arrived and knocked on the door, he demanded the victim move to the back bedroom with the juvenile children and remain quiet. He eventually surrendered to SRT officers after they arrived and de-escalated the situation. At some point during the incident, the victim retained Warnier’s cell phone.

At a later time, the victim would receive a phone call from one of Warner’s friends, asking her to delete specific images from his cell phone which captured him raping a five-year-old child. On a recorded jail phone call, he begged her not to tell the police, stating, “I don’t want to end up on Scoop!” [details in the linked story may be graphic]

Eric Thatcher, charged with sexual exploitation, says he was attracted to minors “at one time”

30-year-old Eric Thatcher is charged with the sexual exploitation of a minor after officers located over 100 sexual images of minors in his Dropbox online storage account. In some of the videos, the minor females were as young as toddlers, and some were dressed in bondage attire in the videos. During an interview, Thatcher admitted to receiving the videos and images and viewing them. He disclosed that he “at one time” had a sexual attraction to minors.

Johnathan Kalac indicted on sexual exploitation of a minor charges — $35K bond

33-year-old Johnathan Kalac is charged with 16 counts of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor. A Davidson County Grand Jury indicted him on the charges in March and he was booked into custody this week. The indictment specifies multiple days on which Kalac possessed the obscene material with intent to promote, sell, distribute, transport, purchase, or exchange it with others. He is jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

Trevor Alexander Davenport confesses to sending sexually explicit images to a 16-year-old boy

Police say 26-year-old Trevor Alexander Davenport has now confessed to sending sexually explicit videos and images of himself to a 16-year-old boy via Snapchat. The incident happened on March 12th, while Davenport was working at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The 16-year-old male victim disclosed the incidents in the days after the event to the Franklin Police Department, who interviewed Davenport. Davenport is free on a $50,000 bond.

David Friedrichs of Ashland City jailed on child pornography charges — over 100 items

60-year-old David Friedrichs is jailed after a search warrant on his Bull Run Road in Ashland City resulted in the discovery of over 100 images of the sexual exploitation of minors. He had some save on his phone and had used texts, Instagram, and Telegram to share and view the images. A commissioner set his bond at $25,000.