BUI: Matthew Walker tells officers he had “not too many” drinks before driving boat on Percy Priest Lake

28-year-old Matthew Paul Walker was observed operating a vessel while sitting on the sundeck above the boat’s gunnel in Percy Priest Lake on the evening of July 5th. After officers noticed this, they initiated a stop, during which they found Walker reeked of alcohol, showing signs of intoxication. Officers then asked Walker if he had consumed alcohol, to which he then admitted that he had, but “not too many.” After performing poorly on sobriety tests, Walker was taken into custody for boating under the influence and an implied consent violation.

Vincent Davis to cops: “I hope someone calls the cops on you when you and your wife argue!”

36-year-old Vincent Davis was jailed on April 1st when police were en route to an unrelated call and ended up driving behind Davis and witnessed him grab his wife, Shanita Humphries, by the neck and shake her head violently. Davis began to rise up out of his seat to yell in her face. Officers performed a traffic stop for a broken taillight and saw dried blood on Shanita’s face. She told police that Davis grabbed her face with both hands and explained the bloody nose was brought on by allergies. She said that he grabbed the back of her head to try to kiss her. Due to police observation Davis was taken into custody and tells police ” I hope someone calls the cops on you when you and your wife are having an argument.”

DUI: Josephine Mullins leaves Jelly Roll concert, drives over the barriers on Broadway — 0.229% BAC

27-year-old Josephine Mullins says she had “3 or 6 drinks” at the Jelly Roll concert Friday night before getting behind the wheel of her vehicle to drive home. As she drove onto Broadway, she impacted and drove over a large orange and white traffic barricade. Officers immediately responded from nearby and found her to be heavily intoxicated. Inside the vehicle, there were five empty fireball shooters, along with a white tumbler with about a quarter of the liquid remaining. She performed (very) poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.229% BAC on a breathalyzer – nearly three times the legal limit in Tennessee.

Taylor Warren assaults husband with birthday cake, a pistol, and her fists, per report

Police say 20-year-old Taylor Dawn Warren threw a birthday cake at her husband, Robert Wayne Warren, in a church parking lot, then punched him in the face and pulled a maroon handgun, and pistol-whipped him. She had met her husband, who was with his friend Samuel Mei, at the Church as she was upset that he went hunting early in the morning, and she had baked a cake for his birthday. When she assaulted him with the gun, he disarmed her, and Sammy held onto the gun and turned it over to officers who met Robert and Sam nearby after they fled the scene. Taylor met with officers and stated she was angry with her husband and admitted to the assault with the cake, but claimed the maroon gun was not hers.

Chase Jenkins walks to store for “water and gum” after DUI crash in North Nashville

25-year-old Chase Jenkins crashed into another vehicle Friday night in North Nashville, then casually exited his vehicle and went to a nearby convenience store for “water and gum” while the woman in the impacted vehicle remained in her driver’s seat. Officers located him standing near the doors of the gas station and say he reeked of alcohol. As he was walked back to the scene of the accident, he reportedly told officers he had drank three beers in the three hours prior to driving. He attempted field sobriety tests, but they had to be terminated for his own safety due to his level of intoxication.

Jennifer Biles charged with assault of boyfriend after he calls her a b**ch.

45-year-old Jennifer Biles is charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, Nick Sorendo, after punching him in the head several times because he called her a b**ch. An off-duty Ashland City Police Officer witnessed the assault at Rains Ave & Wedgewood Ave just after 7 p.m. and detained her until Metro Nashville Police arrived.

Jonathan Loyd charged with rape of ex-wife during pimp & hoes themed role-play

37-year-old Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Loyd was jailed Wednesday on two outstanding warrants charging him with rape and domestic assault. An August 2022 affidavit filed by his ex-wife, Ashley Smith, details an incident that occurred in October of 2021 when they were divorced but still living together. She says at 7 a.m. on a Monday, Loyd pulled her out of bed by her leg, dragged her down a hallway, and assaulted her while stating he was her pimp and wanted all of her money, and telling her ‘snitches get stitches.’ She says she was forced to perform a sex act and that once he ‘finished’ he calmed down and she was free to go #Details in story may be disturbing#

David Friedrichs of Ashland City jailed on child pornography charges — over 100 items

60-year-old David Friedrichs is jailed after a search warrant on his Bull Run Road in Ashland City resulted in the discovery of over 100 images of the sexual exploitation of minors. He had some save on his phone and had used texts, Instagram, and Telegram to share and view the images. A commissioner set his bond at $25,000.

Ashland City man burns down port-a-potties downtown before leaping in front of bus — Michael Evans

Police say 43-year-old Michael Wayne Evans set fire to three port-a-potties in downtown Nashville Thursday, burning them to the ground, and then jumped in front of a WeGo transit bus, somewhat unsuccessfully. He was able to kick and punch the bus windows, causing substantial damage.

DUI: Nashville Content Creator ‘Funsize Velen’ blows double BAC limit — Velen Lemus arrested

24-year-old Velen Lemus, who is a Nasvhille area content creator for various platforms, including her ‘Funsize Velen’ persona, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail earlier this month, charged with DUI – driving under the influence. Police say she was speeding and driving erratically, and eventually ran a red light in Goodlettsville, where a traffic stop was conducted. She told police she was on her way home to Ashland City, but wasn’t sure where she was at, or a correct way to get to her destination. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests, and blew a 0.163 BAC on the breathalyzer, more than twice the legal limit in Tennessee. Officers also found she had a prior DUI in 2019 in Rutherford County and is required to have an alcohol interlock device on her vehicle, which she did not have. She was charged with DUI 2nd offense and is free on pre-trial release.