DUI: Woman blows .285 BAC while out on pre-trial release for blowing .263 weeks prior, given PTR again

40-year-old Jennifer Lichty posted in the #HipHermitage Facebook group late Sunday evening looking for someone to go out and have dinner with. She says she ended up going to Cinco De Mayo alone, and police say they later found her afterward when she rammed a moving vehicle in her apartment complex and blew a 0.285 BAC, more than three times the legal limit. Lichty was already out on #PreTrialRelease after she was found passed out behind the wheel with a bottle of rum on January 26, when she blew a 0.263 BAC.

DUI: Nashville lawyer found drunk & disorderly in McDonald’s Drive-thru – blows .226

50-year-old Nashville Lawyer Benjamin Ashley Hodges was found in a South Nashville drive-thru just after 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to police. He was reportedly in a Toyota Yaris, hanging out of the driver’s side window yelling at the vehicle behind him in line. He would eventually blow a .226 on a breath test.

DUI Details: Nashville Fire Fighter had ‘3 beers’ before blowing .204% BAC

Nashville Fire Fighter Brandon Ray Womack told Goodlettsville Police he had “three one-pint beers, with a few pieces of chicken” a couple of hours prior to wrecking his vehicle and blowing a .204% BAC on a breath test.

Man arrested for driving under influence of marijuana, resisting arrest

Kevin Helm, 23, passed a MNPD officer, doing 44 in a 35 mph zone. He then admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking a small amount of alcohol. He was arrested and charged with DUI, simple possession, and resisting arrest.

Man says he drank “12 beers & 12 shots” at Nashville Bar before his DUI Rampage – blows .258

On Friday night, John ‘Tommy’ Strickland, 49, was at TNT’s Billiards Bar & Grill in Antioch, where he says he drank approximately “12 beers and 12 shots of alcohol” over the course of his evening there.

Nashville Model/Stylist Jazzett Vinson Blows a .227 BAC, after driving with no tire

Meet Jazzett Vinson – you may have seen her on the runway, in local & national magazines, TV commercials, at Playboy Golf, or even as a contestant on ‘Beat Shazam’. If you were on Clifton Avenue late Thursday night, you may have even seen her driving with no tire, on the curb, with a couple of 24oz cans of Miller Light. That’s what MNPD reports they saw shortly before taking her into custody just before midnight. Jazzett Vinson (who is booked as Jazzett Johnston in the CJIS system), was observed…

Nashville woman shows up to DUI probation appointment drunk, blows .211 in office.

Susan Hammer, 60, was arrested on April 10th for her 3rd DUI after she crashed her vehicle on Bell Rd, and was released on April 13th with bond conditions that specifically state “defendant is prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol, and defendant shall be arrested for any offense” On Friday, April 27th, Susan Hammer showed up to her DUI probation meeting at 110 James Robertson Parkway at around 2:15 PM. She was reported to reek of alcohol, have bloodshot and water eyes, slurred speech, and was having trouble standing. The…

DUI: East Nashville Bartender blows 0.287 – Marie Mann Arrested

Early Friday morning, Marie Frances Mann received a DUI at East Nashville’s most notorious DUI spot – the flashing red light at N 11th and Gartland. Unlike most others though, she blew a BAC that we’ve rarely seen – a 0.287 BAC. According to a MNPD report, at 1:50 AM, an officer observed a red pickup truck that failed to stop at the flashing red light at N 11th and Gartland and stopped past the stop bar at the flashing red light at N 11th and Gallatin. A traffic stop…

Ryan Fogarty: “I’m not sick, I’m DRUNK!” – Blows .24 BAC DUI Arrest

Ryan Fogarty was arrested for DUI on Sunday night around 8 PM, as she crashed into a stop sign in a parking lot. Nashville Fire Department responded and thinking she was possibly ill and had been injured, but she greeted them with “I’m not sick, I’m drunk!”, according to their report. Fogarty, 31, was involved in a single vehicle crash versus a stop sign in a parking lot. She self-identified as the driver and NFD personnel actually had to put the vehicle in park and take the keys prior to police…