DUI: Caleb A. Shrum says he crashed after drinking at company party before driving

Metro Nashville Police say 34-year-old Caleb A. Shrum was the at-fault driver in a crash at Southlake Drive & Southlake Court late Thursday night after he crossed the center line and drove head-on into another vehicle. He reportedly reeked of alcohol and had obvious signs of intoxication. He admitted to drinking at a company party a few hours prior to driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.172% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Crispin Trejo charged after walking while drunk on the interstate, away from crashed car

32-year-old Crispin Espinoza Trejo was charged with public intoxication after police found him walking away from a car crash on the interstate. Officers responded at 2 a.m. Sunday after a citizen reported seeing the car crash and three individuals walking away on the interstate. Officers found Trejo on the side of the interstate, extremely intoxicated. Due to his inability to care for himself, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Nina Davis jerks steering wheel from Lyft driver, causing a crash as she’s “having a meltdown”

Metro Nashville Police say Lyft passenger, 24-year-old Nina Davis, abruptly grabbed the steering wheel of the vehicle that was transporting her on I-24 and jolted it to the right causing it to crash into a median, totaling the vehicle. The driver, Andrew Moe, says she was “having a meltdown” just before the grabbed the wheel. After the crash, Nina Davis stood in a lane of the interstate attempting to be hit by a vehicle. Officers say she was highly intoxicated and transported her to Metro General for evaluation prior to being transported to booking. While at the hospital, she also picked up a disorderly conduct charge by yelling and screaming “provocative things” and causing a public disruption.

Jonathan Pratt jailed after drunken night in Nashville

Bounces at a downtown Nashville Bar flagged down Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative early Sunday morning to alert them they had detained 46-year-old Jonathan Pratt. Pratt was reportedly belligerent and attempting to fight patrons. Officers noted he was extremely intoxicated and began to yell and curse at officers, and refused to cooperate with simple tasks.

Brian Siegman too drunk for downtown Nashville, tried to sleep through booking

39-year-old Brian Siegman was so sauced by the time he was being booked at the Metro Nashville Jail Saturday night that the process had to be stopped and restarted a few times as he was too intoxicated to stay away and continued to fall back asleep while being processed. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative initially came into contact with Sigeman at 11 p.m. on Broadway as he was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for himself. As medics were also attending to him, Siegman began to yell obscenities to first responders, causing a scene on the busy street.

Musician Luke Matthew Skeldon charged with DUI after leaving Flamingo Cocktail Club

Police say 28-year-old Luke Matthew Skeldon was speeding as he drove past officers on Nolensville Pike at 3:08 a.m. Saturday, when he was paced at 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. When a traffic stop was initiated, he was slow to pull into a parking lot and appeared extremely intoxicated during the interaction. Skeldon stated he was leaving the Flamingo Cocktail Club, where he had three mixed drinks before driving. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, Skeldon was given a breathalyzer and taken into custody. The warrant details a 0.70 BAC, which MNPD confirmed was a typo, but they did not provide the actual BAC prior to publication.

Steven Johnson charged after poking a woman in the forehead with his index finger, leaving a scratch mark.

35-year-old Steven Johnson was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with domestic assault. The warrant, from August of 2021, alleges Johnson was in an argument with Precious Douglas over “food” and escalated when Johnson reportedly got in her face, raised his hand, and began poking her in the forehead with his index finger. Precious says she was scratched by his fingernail as he was poking her. A warrant was issued for his arrest, charging him with domestic assault, as he had fled the scene before officers arrived at the Antioch home.

Downtown DUI: Destin Lovett muttered about “trees and vegetables” after crash

Officers say 27-year-old Destin Lovett continuously muttered under his breath bout “trees and vegetables” after he was involved in a minor traffic crash in downtown Nashville. He attempted to leave the scene but was detained by the other involved party. Police arrived to find a mostly-empty Miller High Life can inside his vehicle, and recall that Lovett reeked of alcohol. He admitted to drinking four 36oz High Life cans and stated he was a “6 or a 4” on the “How drunk are you on a scale of 1-10” question. A breathalyzer resulted in a 0.155% BAC.

Tourist too turnt for Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville — Ashley Stengel

24-year-old Ashley Stengel was taken into custody after Metro Nashville Police responded to a fight call at Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville just before 3 a.m. Sunday. The located Stengel yelling having fights with multiple people at the venue. She refused to stop and would not comply with commands, pulling away from officers and being disorderly. Police say she was “highly intoxicated”.

Woman crashes through fence, yard, car, after drinking on FB live — Shawntika McClain arrested

32-year-old Shawntika McClain faces multiple charges after police say she was driving this weekend and left the roadway, crashed through a fence, drove through a yard, and eventually wrecked into a vehicle parked in the driveway on Ocala Drive in Nashville. Police note she was “obviously intoxicated” and a glance at her social media shows her drinking shots on Facebook live before the crash. McClain has a prior DUI conviction in 2019.