DUI: Isaac Longinos drinks several Modelo beers before nearly rear-ending vehicle

24-year-old Isaac Angel Longinos traveled 20 mph in a 45-mph zone on Murfreesboro Pike near Ransom Place on February 6th. Officers observed this as he swerved and overcorrected before nearly rear-ending another vehicle while approaching a red light. They conducted a traffic stop and noticed he was visibly intoxicated when they approached the driver’s side. There were several open cans of Modelo beer on the floorboard. Longinos exited the vehicle as they requested and consented to sobriety tests. Longinos could not complete the sobriety tests due to his level of intoxication. Officers detained him and performed a records check, which showed that he did not have a valid driver’s license. Further investigation led to them discovering Longinos had a fake temporary tag affixed to the rear of his vehicle that was later turned in as evidence. They transported him to booking, where he urinated on himself while sleeping. Longinos was taken into custody for driving under the influence, not having a driver’s license, and having a fraudulent title.