Jon Muse Iverson punches stepdad, pushes sister down stairs during multiple altercations

20-year-old Jon Muse Iverson had a domestic altercation with his stepdad, Tyrone Patrick, at their Tampa Drive residence in October 2022. Patrick reported that he was notified by his wife, Catina Muse, that Iverson was causing problems. Catina advised Patrick that Iverson was upset because they told him that his girlfriend was not allowed inside the house. Then, Patrick said when he got home, Iverson was unplugging a TV, trying to put it in his room, so Patrick confronted him. Patrick told officers that Iverson was high or under the influence of something and that an argument ensued, which turned physical when Iverson pushed him. Patrick said he pushed Iverson back, then Catina intervened, ending the incident. As Catina stood between Patrick and Iverson, Iverson reached around Catina and punched Patrick in the face.

Then, on March 5th, Iverson had a scuffle with his sister, Tameeka Southern, at the Tampa Drive residence. NFD Medics examined Southern and showed officers a small cut on her head. Medics advised officers that Iverson pushed Tameeka down the stairs outside of the front door. Tameeka told officers she did not wish to prosecute Iverson for the incident. When officers questioned Iverson about the altercation turning physical, he replied, “No, we just had an argument; nothing physical ever occurred.” Iverson added that he was unsure how Tameeka got the cut on her head. Iverson was deemed as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.