Woman punches boyfriend at Tin Roof, found with hydrocodone while being booked

24-year-old Savannah Liebhart was charged with domestic assault and contraband in a penal facility when she reportedly punched her boyfriend in the face at Tin Roof and hydrocodone was found in her purse during booking.

Man charged with 2 counts of domestic assault after attacking ex 2 nights in a row

37-year-old Christopher Perry was charged with two counts of domestic assault after he reportedly kicked his ex in the ribs one day, then scratched her face as he ripped her glasses off a day later.

Woman admits to slapping boyfriend after accusing him of cheating

32-year-old Courtney Dreadin was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to slapping her boyfriend at their Airbnb and asked officers if they had ever been cheated on when they attempted to ask her why she did it.

Woman rams ex’s vehicle into ditch after having drinks with him

37-year-old Erica Mulina was charged with two counts of aggravated assault when she and her ex went out for drinks, then followed him and a woman in his vehicle and rammed into them multiple times which caused them to end up in a ditch.

Trespasser admits to stealing from Walmart when caught by loss prevention

56-year-old Stanley Kelley was charged with burglary after he was caught on camera concealing items in Walmart, despite the trespass waiver they have against him from a prior incident.

Man caught on camera stealing items from Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police

49-year-old Christopher Holmes was charged with three counts of burglary, two counts of theft, and vandalism after he was caught on camera, after hours, entering the third floor of Cornerstone Associates building and exiting with a laptop.

Man charged after reportedly telling family he “had a bullet for everyone”

58-year-old Carlos Jimenez was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after he reportedly threatened his wife and everyone at the residence with a handgun, due to his anger about their pending divorce.

Knife-wielding wife charged after husband tells police knife was inches away from his face

62-year-old Warreta Lavender was charged with aggravated assault and violation of conditions of release after she reportedly threatened her husband with a kitchen knife over car keys.

Senior citizen charged after former roommate reports two broken front windows

68-year-old Donnie Gordon was charged with domestic assault when he reportedly banged on his former roommate’s front door and smashed her front windows with his cane after he was recently kicked out.

Woman charged after attacking grandfather; he says she’s off her meds

29-year-old Lauren Nix was charged with domestic assault after she attacked her grandfather because she claimed to receive a message from her children’s father stating their children were dead and her grandfather had something to do with it.