Man tries to stab rival gang member at Broadway ATM

36-year-old Sean Williams was charged with aggravated assault after he admitted to police that he tried to stab a rival gang member because he was pushed while at an ATM.

Former DCSO employee charged with uploading sexual images of minors

64-year-old Monty Pennington was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor after he admitted to sending explicit photos and videos of minors on Skype and Facebook.

One driver admits firing shots at another while on Interstate 24

22-year-old Thomas Clary was charged with aggravated assault when he admitted to officers during a recorded interview that he fired two rounds from his vehicle at another moving vehicle while on I-24 headed toward Nashville.

Antioch man punches hole in door, pokes child’s mother in the eye; per report

27-year-old Kyro Quinto was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he punched a hole in a door at the residence his child’s mother was staying at and repeatedly poked her in the head on a separate occasion when she would not hug him.

Man caught on camera taking snacks, hoodie, and hat according to CSU

35-year-old Joshua Erickson was charged with burglary when he was found behind a Jack in the Box after security footage showed him taking snacks, drinks, a hat, and a hoodie from IO Studio.

Father charged with child abuse after girls say he hit one with a belt, attempted to smother another

38-year-old Robert Eskew was charged with two counts of child abuse when a woman called police after their 13-year-old daughters told her he had hit one girl with a belt and dragged the other by her hair before attempting to smother her.

Man reportedly fires single shot at his mother’s boyfriend; charged with 3 counts of assault

31-year-old Christopher Nease was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he reportedly fired a bullet at his mother’s boyfriend and their two neighbors.

Former missing teen admits to “beating” her child’s father because of their relationship situation

20-year-old Jade Mullen was charged with aggravated assault after she admitted to striking the father of her child with a metal flashlight multiple times in the face because of their relationship troubles.

Police charge man after witnessing him shove his brother in a public park

50-year-old Juan M Cruz was charged with domestic assault after the police witnessed him shove his brother with both hands in Dallas Neil Park.

Young woman smashes ex-girlfriend’s car after arguing earlier that day

19-year-old Phantajia Green was charged with vandalism after she was witnessed by several people stomping on the roof and windshield of her ex-girlfriend’s vehicle after they had an argument earlier that day.