Jonathan Keene arrested for attacking police officer at Centennial Hospital in 2021

46-year-old Jonathan Scott Keene randomly attacked Metro Nashville Police Officer Nathaniel Jones while he worked with a patient at Centennial Hospital in June 2021. Jones was sitting in a chair when Keene jumped onto him, knocked him out of the chair, and squeezed him with his arms. The reason for the incident is unknown as there was no prior contact, business, or communication between the men beforehand. Multiple individuals, hospital staff, and another officer were needed to stop Keene. Keene was taken into custody for the assault of an officer on February 6th, 2024.

Eli Tennant charged after tossing girlfriend to the ground, drunkenly explaining the rules of pool to her

24-year-old Eli Tennant was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from February, charging him with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Grace Ivy Jameson, tossing her to the ground after drunkenly explaining the rules of the game of pool to her. Multiple witnesses are the bar that night say Eli was drunk when he arrived at the location, and he was yelling while explaining the rules of pool to his girlfriend. When she went outside to get some space, he followed her outside while berating her for walking away, and prepared to toss his drink on her until she blocked it, making it spill, which only further frustrated Tennant. He reportedly tossed her to the ground, leaving her with scrapes on her knees and hands, and was about to kick her until bystanders stopped the assault. Eli fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Nicole Catchpole charged in domestic assault of boyfriend, Art Joyce, in downtown Nashville spat

39-year-old Nicole ‘Nicki’ Catchpole called police to assist her with getting her belongings from the Icon in the Gulch apartment of her boyfriend, Nashville investor & guitarist Art Joyce. She met officers in the lobby early Monday morning and explained the couple had been arguing since 2:30 a.m., and it had only escalated. She stated that he got in ‘close proximity to her face at one point and she struck him in the face with her cell phone. Police interviewed the victim, Arthur Joyce, and noticed visible injuries. Instead of assisting Nicki Catchpole with retrieving her belongings as she had requested, officers took her into custody and charged her with domestic assault.

Two lesbians walk into a bar… A #VisitMusicCity story, leaving 1 kissing a man, another in jail.

Cameron Robert Stefani says he met an engaged couple, 29-year-old Michell Hill and her fiancée, Sara Pickard, at Jason Aldean’s Bar in downtown Nashville Saturday night into Sunday morning. He says the trio got into an Uber and he was returning to their hotel room with them. As he kissed Sara inside the Uber, Michelle reportedly became upset and at first lightly punches Sara, then assaulted her with a full-on punch to the face. He says the Uber driver stopped the vehicle and the two men separated the two women, and after things calmed down, they all continued to the hotel. Security at the hotel noticed Sara’s freshly bruised eye and alerted police. Officers arrived and took Michelle to jail for 12 hours, charging her with domestic assault.

Colorado tourist calls 911 on wife who slapped him at downtown Nashville Hotel — Tina Michelle Smith arrested

Tourist Christopher Michael Smith called Metro Nashville Police early Monday morning to report his 55-year-old wife, Tina Michelle Smith, was slapping him. When police arrived, the couple, who were in town from Castle Pines, Colorado, had already got an additional room at the JW Marriott in downtown Nashville where they were staying and separated themselves. Court records show that when Christopher was talking to their son on the phone he revealed the couple had been out drinking earlier in the evening, which upset Tina, causing her to wrestle the phone away from her husband while he attempted to record her.

She eventually got on top of him on the hotel bed and began slapping him in the face, prompting the 911 call. A hotel air vent was also broken during the assault. Police documented nail marks on the victim’s face, and blood on his pillow. Tina Smith was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. After the state-mandated 12-hour hold for domestic violence cases, she was released on a $5,000 cash bond.

DUI: Man charged with DUI-2nd Offense after crash on Broadway in downtown Nashville — Blake Aaron

27-year-old Blake Aaron is free on pre-trial release after being charged with DUI – 2nd Offense after crashing his Nissan Sentra into another vehicle at 612 Broadway in downtown Nashville. He admitted drinking prior to the crash, and to a prior DUI in the state of Kentucky. He was unable to complete standard field sobriety tests, however, a blood draw was completed at General Hospital before he was transported to booking.

Baez Twins arrested after unable to pay $17,874 birthday tab at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville

Aspiring social media influencer identical twins Jacob Christopher Baez & Jared Christian Baez were arrested Sunday morning after being unable to pay the $17,874.74 tab they ran up at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row for their 24th birthday celebration. The pair each posted a $5,000 bond Sunday afternoon. Reached via phone, the twins stated they hoped they’d be verified on Instagram and get a lot of news coverage, and they would be “legends” for this weekend.