Baez Twins arrested after unable to pay $17,874 birthday tab at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville

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Aspiring social media influencer identical twins Jacob Christopher Baez & Jared Christian Baez were arrested Sunday morning after being unable to pay the $17,874.74 tab they ran up at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row for their 24th birthday celebration. The pair each posted a $5,000 bond Sunday afternoon. Reached via phone, the twins stated they hoped they’d be verified on Instagram and get a lot of news coverage, and they would be “legends” for this weekend.

Metro Nashville police responded to 400 Broadway at 3:21 a.m. Sunday, after the venue called to report a pair was unable to pay a tab that was nearly $18,000. Police note the pair both appeared very intoxicated and stated they would have no immediate way to pay for the bill they had accumulated in the four-hour span they were at the club.

On Instagram, the twins had invited their followers to attend, even tagging the venue, stating: “Invitation 4/3/2021 BaezTwinz Birthday | Jared and I have a table tonight at Whiskey Row Section come to Whiskey Row I have a table Let Celebrate twins birthday | Hit me up 10:30 PM we are arriving to Whiskey Row call me”.

The twins were reached in a recorded phone call with Scoop: Nashville on Monday, during which the pair sounded as if they were still energized on whatever extracurricular activities fueled their weekend fun fest. Jacob initially did all the talking, but Jared eventually chimed in and the pair first stated that it was “all confidential” and that the police nor Whiskey could tell us their names or what they did, and that the event was “sponsored by Kindom Capital Elites” and they were not responsible for it. As it turns out, KLE is a brand created by Jacob Baez himself. Jacob says “we didn’t host it, KLE did, despite his IG post shown below.

As the eight-minute conversation continued, the pair stated “we just wanted to keep it cool, where all the celebrities could come out and have a good time, where they don’t have to feel any pressure. We’re here to bring the celebrities to Nashville. Kingdom Capital Elites is a non-profit organization, and we’re all like A-List members”. There is no formal company or organization registered with the state or the IRS related to Elites, only an IG branding page with 2K followers.

The pair became more excited and jovial during the call once it became clear they were going to get some media coverage of their arrest, reminding us “We’re the biaz twins of Nashville, and stay tuned, we’re going to be all over the news, we’re a legend for what we did today… and we’re gonna get verified [on IG] now, and we want everyone to know we’re the biggest believers [in God]”. The pair also relayed they hoped to get a festival booking now, after this exposure.

The twins told Scoop “Whiskey Row, they showed us up, I gave respect to Whiskey Row big time, they threw the biggest party, it was the biggest party we had. So many bottles, the DJ got bottles, about five other tables got bottles, we got some stuff coming to us later”. Later in the call, Jacob noted “that wasn’t the only party we were at. The night before we dropped four grand, and more before that. It was basically a 3-day event. In total, we spent $40,000 in 3 days downtown, what was L.A. is now Nashville. We just turned Nashville into the new L.A. – this weekend they wasn’t prepared, they didn’t know what was up, legit we proved our point in Nashville. You gotta be prepared, because if you’re not prepared for us to come and drop forty G’s on two tables”.

At this point, I interrupted Jacob to note that Whiskey Row would dispute they were paid any of that $40,000 he claims to have spent, to which he responded “that’s confidential, they can’t talk about that or release that information”. The call ended shortly after with a request from the twins to meet in person to further discuss their situation – that meeting had not yet happened at the time of publication.

Jacob Christopher Baez & Jared Christian Baez were both booked into the Metro Nashville Jail just before 6:30 a.m. Sunday, and each posted a $5,000 bond via Binkley Bonding and was released just after 1 p.m. Each is charged with felony theft of services. They are scheduled to appear in court on June 4th.

Riot Hospitality, the group behind the Whiskey Row concept, did not comment on the situation when asked.

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  1. DDDDDuane

    The idiots who own the bar let these 2 deushbags run up an 18G tab?
    This sounds like a TOTAL FAKE bullsh!t CONCOCTED story….

  2. Legen Darius

    Stop giving this freeloading trash publicity. 2000 followers? lol Celebrities don’t care about you. Try starting an onlyfans with you do giving each other reach arounds. You might be able to make enough money to pay your bar tabs.

  3. Try Hards

    Take this two ugly nobody chumps out behind the woodshed so they stop making our city look like it’s full of idiots

  4. Lawrence

    They live in Bellevue apartments and skipped leg day?

  5. Donald Glover

    This is America.

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