Woman locates her boyfriend at Krystal’s drive-thru with his other girlfriend, rams her car

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25-year-old Tess Tomes is charged with felony aggravated assault and felony reckless endangerment after she found her boyfriend at a local drive-thru, and as she prepared to follow him home – so did his other girlfriend, Brandi Adams, who was in line behind him. She’s accused of ramming the other girl’s car. Tomes’ two children were in the car with her during the assault.

Goodlettsville Police responded to the scene of a Jerry Springer taping an incident near Rivergate Parkway on March 18th, in which Tess Tomes, 25, is alleged to have side-swiped the car of the other woman her boyfriend was also dating. Tess explained to officers that her boyfriend had been off work for several hours and she had not heard from him, so she drove to Goodlettsville to check on him, and located him in the drive-thru line of the Krystal restaurant, and pulled into the parking lot. He had just received his food and was about to exit, so she decided to follow him, assuming he was simply on his way home. As she was preparing to pull in behind him, another car pulled up behind him, driven by Brandi Adams, who also told police she was dating the same man.

Tess Tomes (MNPD)
Tess Tomes (MNPD)

Police determined that Tess Tomes sideswiped the car driven by Adams, at which point at least one of their windshields was cracked by the other. There was a lot of yelling, screaming, and confusion, and police determined that Tomes was the primary aggressor in the situation, and the damage matched that version of events, which included her side-swiping the vehicle of her boyfriend’s other girlfriend. At the time of the assault, Tomes had her two children in the vehicle with her.

Tess Tomes was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with felony aggravated assault with a motor vehicle causing serious bodily injury, and reckless endangerment while using a motor vehicle as a weapon. She is now free on a $30,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in May.

Tomes, Tess5597171016 DOWNEY DR
nashville, TN 37205
Agg Assault
Tomes, Tess5597171016 DOWNEY DR
nashville, TN 37205
Reck. End.

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