Elic Page charged in brutal assault of boyfriend – free on $1,000 bond

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27-year-old Elic Hugh Page IV is charged with domestic assault after police found him standing over his boyfriend with his knuckles and pants covered in blood. His boyfriend, who had been beaten and kicked in the head by Page, says he thought he was going to die, and lost consciousness during the assault. Page is free on a $1,000 bond, with conditions set by a commissioner – which he has continued to ignore, without repercussions.

Wilson County deputies responded to a 911 hang-up call on April 3rd at 5:17 a.m. to find Elic Hugh Page, IV, standing over his boyfriend, Nathan Midgett. Police observed the blood-covered knuckles and pants of Page, and noted he had a single scratch on his arm. Two witnesses at the location confirmed the couple had been arguing verbally when Elic suddenly became violent and began punching Nathan, after he attempted to hug him on the couch, which was rebuffed.

Elic Hugh Page IV (WCSO)
Elic Hugh Page IV (WCSO)

Nathan recalls a few moments from the incident but says most of it was “just a blur” after he was kicked in the face at some point during the assault. Witnesses state that Page was still punching the victim after he appeared to be unconscious. At one point, Nathan says he became aware of what was happening, screaming for him to stop, and when Page was pulled off of him, he returned to kick him again. Nathan says “I really thought I was going to die”.

Police say Nathan initially refused to give his account, in an attempt to keep his boyfriend out of trouble. The following day, however, Nathan agreed to speak to Scoop: Nashville about the attack, in hopes of preventing it from happening to others. A local hospital diagnosed him with closed head trauma and a facial contusion, and he has severe bruising days after the attack.

Life comes at you fast: A progression of just some of Elic Page’s mugshots over the years

Elic Page was booked into the Wilson County Jail at the time of the incident and was released on a $1,000 bond, via Tidwell Bonding, after the state-mandated 12-hour hold. Since the attack, Elic has continued to call, text, and harass Nathan, sending messages like the ones below, which say “if you can’t get over what happened I’ll be hurt for the rest of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and never let you go”. “I fucked up big time and I didn’t mean to hurt you like I did…. I want to see you tonight baby…”

Bond conditions clearly indicate that Elic Page is barred from harassing, annoying, calling, texting, or otherwise communicating with Nathan, but he had not ceased these activities. He remains free on bond.

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