Seth Waters assaults ex-girlfriend accusing her of being in a relationship with her friend

23-year-old Seth Waters had a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Jaisha Thompkins, at her Nevada Avenue residence on June 30th, 2022. When officers arrived, Jaisha told them that Waters accused her of having a relationship with one of her friends, sparking an argument that escalated when he struck her on the side of her face. This caused her to fall on her back, where he mounted her and continued hitting her while she tried to defend herself.

Officers spoke with Angela Woods, Jaisha’s next-door neighbor, who stated she heard the commotion and ran to the residence. Once inside, Angela went to the bedroom and observed the two fighting and Waters on top of Jaisha, so she tried to break it up. After she realized she couldn’t, she grabbed Jaisha’s two children and took them to her house to care for their safety. Officers deemed Waters as the primary aggressor and issued a warrant for his arrest. Waters was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 3rd, 2024.

18-year-old Michkiah Works booked for Public Intoxication after having loud dispute

18-year-old Michkiah Works caused a public disturbance on 43rd Avenue North late February 19th. Officers overheard Works having a loud verbal dispute in an alley behind the location until they encountered her in front of the residence on the sidewalk with two liquor bottles in front of her. Officers noticed her showing multiple signs of impairment as they approached her. Due to the reasonable likelihood that the offense would continue, Works was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Carl’e Hooks hooks discovers her ex-girlfriend with a new lover after breaking into her bedroom

18-year-old Carl’e Hooks told police she came to her ex-girlfriend’s house because she wasn’t answering the phone. When she arrived, she used a keycode she was no longer allowed to use to enter the home, where she does not reside. She then made her way upstairs to her ex-lover’s bedroom and discovered her there with another girl. A knock-down-drag-out fight ensued, leaving large amounts of hair pulled from heads and injuries to one of the victim’s neck and head.

Jada Branigan hits roommate in head with metal kitchen pan in heated argument

Jada Branigan is charged with assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly assaulting her roommate, McKenzie Madkins. Police say Jada hit McKenzie over the head with a metal pan after McKenzie told Jada to move out. Jada says while that’s true, McKenzie hit her first. Jada had no visible injuries and refused all medical assistance, while McKenzie had a visible knot on her head and received medical assistance from Nashville Fire Medics.

Tourist Cody Allen Stout wouldn’t stop asking strangers for drugs in downtown bar #GotDrugs?

28-year-old Cody Allen Stout, who visited Nashville from Ohio this weekend, was determined to find more than alcohol when he visited Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar early Saturday evening around dinner time. Security at the location says he annoyed both staff and other patrons while attempting to purchase drugs, asking everyone if they had any drugs available to sell him. He refused to leave when asked, and Metro Nashville Police took him into custody for criminal trespass.

Lauren Duke-Powers kicks an officer in his knee, and attempts to bite his thigh during struggle

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call on Muphy Road and as they were investigating, one of the involved parties, 23-year-old Lauren Duke-Powers, returned to the scene. As they began to interview her near the front walkway to the home, it became apparent she was extremely intoxicated, with her being unable to stand without swaying, and slurring her speech. She continued to curse and yell at the other involved parties. Officers advised her she was being detained while the domestic call was investigated, at which time she walked away toward the home and resisted when officers attempted to grab her arms to keep her away from the other parties. She then kicked Officer Meskers in his right knee, and as they took her to the ground in the prone position, she attempted to bite Officer Meskers’ right thigh.

State Representative Torrey Harris jailed for assault of ex-boyfriend & theft of his dog

31-year-old State Representative Torrey Harris is free on a $2,000 cash bond after being jailed Sunday on charges of domestic assault and vandalism. Court records show his ex-boyfriend, Terence Nealy, reported Torrey scratched his arm during a bear hug while attempting to prevent him from leaving his own apartment while discussing their prior relationship while dropping off Terence’s dog, which he had been pet-sitting. Terrence was eventually able to leave his apartment and returned when officers were present to discover that Torrey had taken his dog, his Playstation 5, a barstool, lamps, air pods, an apple watch, a TV mount, a MacBook Air, and a pair of white AirMax shoes. Police spoke to Representative Harris via phone and notified him he was on a bodycam recording; he then admitted to taking Terence’s dog but wanted to clarify all the other items he took were “gifts” he had bought for Terence. Harris is charged with domestic assault and felony theft.

Tension at Tee Line leaves manager Bradley Brunson in cuffs

Metro Nashville Police responded to Tee Line in West Nashville Saturday and met with Nicole Richey, who stated that she was assaulted by her ex-fiance, Bradley Brunson. Both parties’ social media indicate they are managers are the location. During the argument, which was reportedly over their past relationship, Brunson pushed Nicole with open hands and she says she then pushed him back in self-defense, and to prevent any further assault. The Director of Curling, Mark Steinwachs, says he witnessed the incident and stepped between them to keep them away from each other. 31-year-old Bradley Brunson was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

Florida woman charged in attack of sister-in-law after leaving Whiskey Row — Jamie Nations

34-year-old Jamie Nations is charged with the domestic assault and bodily injury of her sister-in-law, Elizabeth Diane Thenthirath, after leaving Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville. As the two were walking back to their vehicle, an argument began because of a 3rd party who was walking with them from the bar. It turned physical when Jamie attacked Elizabeth, leaving her with scratch marks and blood on her face and ear when officers arrived.

Colorado tourist calls 911 on wife who slapped him at downtown Nashville Hotel — Tina Michelle Smith arrested

Tourist Christopher Michael Smith called Metro Nashville Police early Monday morning to report his 55-year-old wife, Tina Michelle Smith, was slapping him. When police arrived, the couple, who were in town from Castle Pines, Colorado, had already got an additional room at the JW Marriott in downtown Nashville where they were staying and separated themselves. Court records show that when Christopher was talking to their son on the phone he revealed the couple had been out drinking earlier in the evening, which upset Tina, causing her to wrestle the phone away from her husband while he attempted to record her.

She eventually got on top of him on the hotel bed and began slapping him in the face, prompting the 911 call. A hotel air vent was also broken during the assault. Police documented nail marks on the victim’s face, and blood on his pillow. Tina Smith was transported to the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. After the state-mandated 12-hour hold for domestic violence cases, she was released on a $5,000 cash bond.