Jarrod Gosse smacks daughter, pulls hair out of wife’s head during drunk altercation

53-year-old Jarrod Jon Gosse had a domestic incident with his wife, Michelle Gosse, and his daughter, Alexandra Gosse, at Alexandra’s 6th Avenue North residence late March 21st. Michelle and Alexandra spoke with officers when they arrived and advised them that they were out partying with Jarrod. When they returned to her house, he was intoxicated and became irate for no reason. Jarrod smacked Alexandra in the face, causing her nose to start bleeding, which woke up her mom. Michelle tried to intervene and stop the altercation, during which he started hitting and pushing her. Jarrod then pulled a large wad of hair from Michelle’s head before fleeing the scene. Michelle and Alexandria left, and when they returned, they noticed the front door had been kicked in. Jarrod returned to the scene, and then the officers were provided text messages showing him admitting to breaking into the residence. He was highly intoxicated and could not remember what had happened. Gosse was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault and aggravated criminal trespassing.

Jacob Marsden drives into an unrelated DUI traffic stop… while also intoxicated

Metro Nashville Police were conducting a DUI investigation in a parking lot with another individual when 25-year-old Jacob Marsden drove his grey Ford F-150 into the same parking lot of the closed business. Officers advised him the business was closed, and he gave a confused look in response, prompting officers to see if he needed further assistance. Marsden reportedly had slurred speech, could not form coherent sentences, and was unable to walk without assistance. He told police his anxiety and depression were causing his impairment; despite this, he refused all medical assistance offered. He reportedly reeked of alcohol, refused all sobriety testing, and was transported to booking.

DUI: Alexandra Knox hits parked car, tells officers she “Doesn’t drink alcohol at all”

39-year-old Alexandra Knox was involved in a vehicle crash on November 15th near Clifton Avenue. She was visibly intoxicated but told the officer she “doesn’t drink alcohol at all.” The officers then found a cup of alcohol in her vehicle’s cup holder. Knox was then asked how she managed to crash into a parked car; she responded that she was looking at her phone while driving and left her traffic lane. Knox was asked to SFTs and showed multiple indicators of impairment. Knox was then taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Washington Tourist Craig Snyder drunk and lost on Jefferson Street near King’s Market

51-year-old Craig Snyder approached a patrolling Officer on September 28th on Jefferson St., asking for help. Snyder showed visible signs of intoxication and stated he needed help getting back home. When asked where his home was, he said, “Washington”. After further questioning, Snyder said he was visiting Nashville and was unable to locate the hotel he was staying at. Snyder was asked if anyone could assist him with where he stayed, and he replied, “my wife.” When contacted, she informed the officer that she was in Washington. Snyder was deemed too intoxicated to care for himself due to having no one to care for him, not knowing his hotel location, inability to walk or stand, and admitting to being intoxicated.

Danielle N. Marx jailed after waking boyfriend up by punching him in face, per report

40-year-old Danielle N. Marx woke her ex-boyfriend up by punching him in the face, according to what he told police when they arrived at the residence on Thursday morning. The ex-boyfriend, Eric Schwieterman, told police there is tension between them because they are going through a breakup. Police reported that there was bruising around Eric’s eye. Eric said that he pushed her and left the apartment after she punched him. Danielle told the police that nothing physical happened between her and Eric. The police told Danielle they would arrest her for domestic assault, and she began changing her story several times, stating that she was attacked. She had no visible injuries, but Eric did, so she was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Third suspect arrested in 10K purse heist from Mother’s Ruin Bar — James Noel

23-year-old James Noel was involved in stealing a $10,000 Gucci purse at Mother’s Ruin bar previously covered by Scoop Nashville. He is the third suspect identified in the theft, caught on security footage from the bar. The theft happened on August 3rd when Madeline Lublin was charged with the theft, and her boyfriend, Aeden Whittington-Baschoff, was charged with a false report after returning the purse. The video shows James as the one who grabbed the purse from the table and handed it to Madeline. He was unidentified during the time in which Madeline was arrested but was later told who he was. During the investigation, an anonymous tip was sent in from crime stoppers, absolutely confirming James’ identity. Police also confirmed his place of employment, which they contacted and received James’ contact information. The officer spoke with James, who said he would surrender himself due to his involvement in the theft.

Aedan Whittington-Baschoff lies to police about $10,000 Gucci purse theft at Mother’s Ruin Nashville

24-year-old Aedan Whittington-Bischoff gave a $10,000 Gucci purse he helped his girlfriend steal to the police and pretended he knew nothing about it. On August 3rd, MNPD officers arrived at Mother’s Ruin Bar about a stolen purse. Police spoke to the female suspect, Madeline Lublin, and said that a felony warrant would be issued for the theft of the purse. Aedan suddenly brought the $10,000 Gucci purse to the police, knowing he would be shown on camera grabbing and handing it to his girlfriend, Madeline. He said he found the purse lying on the ground but did not know of the theft or the parties involved in the robbery. Police took his information and then took Madeline’s information, and they realized that their addresses matched. Later, police arrived at the address and found that Aeden and Madeline both lived at the address and were in a romantic relationship with each other. The officer concluded that Aeden gave him a false report in an attempt to keep Madeline from being charged with the theft of the purse.

Madeline Lublin charged in theft of $10,000 Gucci bag at Mother’s Ruin bar in Nashville

25-year-old Madeline Lublin was charged with stealing a $10,000 Gucci purse despite her boyfriend’s attempt at saving her. On August 3rd, MNPD officers arrived at Mother’s Ruin bar on 6th Ave and spoke to Elouise Holder, who said her $10,000 Gucci Purse had been stolen. Police observed security footage given to them by security that shows Lublin’s boyfriend, Aeden Whittington-Baschoff, grabbing the purse and handing it to Madeline.

Then it shows Madeline placing the purse on the bar for around five minutes before tying a sweatshirt around her neck, hiding it under the sweatshirt, and exiting the bar. Mother’s Ruin gave the police Madeline’s information because she had bought alcohol in the establishment earlier. While police investigated the theft and spoke to Madeline, they said that there would be a felony warrant issued for the robbery of the purse, and Aeden showed up with the purse.

He handed it to the police and said that he found it on the ground and had no idea who Madeline was or that the purse had been stolen. Police arrived at Madeline’s residence to place her under arrest and found Aeden, her live-in boyfriend, also at the residence. Both were charged for their roles in the theft.

Kevontay Fells bites girlfriend’s face after soaking her with tea

22-year-old Kevontay Fells threw a cup of tea at his girlfriend, Ga’Kira Whitson, soaking her with the liquid during an argument on June 29. The two were reportedly arguing over “relationship issues” at the time. She says he then pushed her, she pushed him back, and then he grabbed her face and bit it, leaving a visible injury per police. Kevontay told police that he only bit her face because she bit his face first. He was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Street Racer Junior Vega flees from police after car meet

Metro Police were conducting patrols for street racers near Vantage Way and Great Circle Way Saturday when they encountered approximately sixty vehicles in a private parking lot “drag racing and doing burnouts,” according to the officer. As the officer pulled into the lot, vehicles began to flee. Officer Cantrell pulled behind a 1986 Honda Prelude, driven by 18-year-old Junior Vega, and activated his emergency lights. The officer used his PA system to give commands to stop, however, the vehicle continued to flee. At one point, Vega stopped long enough for the officer to exit his vehicle and approach Vega’s car. Vega then quickly fled the scene, leaving the officer standing on the side of the road. Another officer was able to stop Vega some distance away, and he was taken into custody.