18-Year-Old Jakeria Rucker drives into oncoming traffic to evade police in Ford Fusion

18-year-old Jakeria Rucker drove through a stop sign with a brake light out near Deford Bailey Avenue and 12th Avenue South late February 10th. Officers were in the area and overheard approximately 20-30 gunshots from the Edgehill Housing Community. Officers went to the area and observed four occupants, one of which being Rucker, in a black Ford Fusion cross into oncoming traffic to flee from them. The Fusion was later involved in an accident on 2nd Avenue South and Chestnut Street, where officers confirmed the plate number matched the vehicle at large. Rucker, the driver, was detained as she told them she did not know they were trying to pull her over when she saw the blue lights behind her. Further investigation revealed that she did not have a valid driver’s license and was taken into custody for evading arrest by motor vehicle and not having a driver’s license.

Jacob Marsden drives into an unrelated DUI traffic stop… while also intoxicated

Metro Nashville Police were conducting a DUI investigation in a parking lot with another individual when 25-year-old Jacob Marsden drove his grey Ford F-150 into the same parking lot of the closed business. Officers advised him the business was closed, and he gave a confused look in response, prompting officers to see if he needed further assistance. Marsden reportedly had slurred speech, could not form coherent sentences, and was unable to walk without assistance. He told police his anxiety and depression were causing his impairment; despite this, he refused all medical assistance offered. He reportedly reeked of alcohol, refused all sobriety testing, and was transported to booking.

Michael Chisholm charged with violating order of protection

38-year-old Michael Chisholm was at a residence on Linbar Dr. when he spoke to police on September 1st. He had a verified DCSO order of protection against him from his father filed on August 19th. Michael has no outstanding warrants and was arrested without incident for violating the order of protection.