State Representative Torrey Harris jailed for assault of ex-boyfriend & theft of his dog

31-year-old State Representative Torrey Harris is free on a $2,000 cash bond after being jailed Sunday on charges of domestic assault and vandalism. Court records show his ex-boyfriend, Terence Nealy, reported Torrey scratched his arm during a bear hug while attempting to prevent him from leaving his own apartment while discussing their prior relationship while dropping off Terence’s dog, which he had been pet-sitting. Terrence was eventually able to leave his apartment and returned when officers were present to discover that Torrey had taken his dog, his Playstation 5, a barstool, lamps, air pods, an apple watch, a TV mount, a MacBook Air, and a pair of white AirMax shoes. Police spoke to Representative Harris via phone and notified him he was on a bodycam recording; he then admitted to taking Terence’s dog but wanted to clarify all the other items he took were “gifts” he had bought for Terence. Harris is charged with domestic assault and felony theft.

PSA – Discard Electronics Boxes a Few Houses Down to Avoid Break-Ins

The holiday has come and gone, and you have both given, and received, more than ever before. What remains are all those electronics boxes – giving burglars and no-gooders a free few of all the new gadgets and electronics waiting for them just inside your doors! How can you avoid this East Nashville newbie mistake? Do what the rest of us do.. the night before trash day, simply take all of those boxes a few houses down the street, and place them in front of an unsuspecting neighbor! That way…