Holiday Brawl: Man flings snowman figurine at girlfriend while wrapping presents

48-year-old Frankie Cross was charged with aggravated assault after his girlfriend claimed he threw a snowman figurine and ashtray at her during an argument that started while they were wrapping Christmas presents.

Man tosses table at grandma, then tosses grandpa off the porch, at Thanksgiving dinner

27-year-old Floyd Richard Luke is accused of throwing a glass top table at this grandmother and pushing his grandfather over a railing and off the porch, during an argument at Thanksgiving dinner.

PSA – Discard Electronics Boxes a Few Houses Down to Avoid Break-Ins

The holiday has come and gone, and you have both given, and received, more than ever before. What remains are all those electronics boxes – giving burglars and no-gooders a free few of all the new gadgets and electronics waiting for them just inside your doors! How can you avoid this East Nashville newbie mistake? Do what the rest of us do.. the night before trash day, simply take all of those boxes a few houses down the street, and place them in front of an unsuspecting neighbor! That way…

‘Do the Dan’ Poole: Don’t Drink & Drive! (This time, at least!)

Do the Dan. It’s the thing to do. Don’t drink and drive. We invite you to do ‘Do like Dan’ this holiday season – especially with New Years Eve coming up, and East Nashville being a festive place full of liquor waterfalls – if you go chasing them, we invite you to ‘Do like Dan’ and don’t drink and drive – at least not this time. You see, East Nashvillian Dan Poole is charged with Drinking and Driving Under the Influence back in September, among other things including seat belt…

Gobble Gobble Give – East Nashville, Let’s Give Back!

It’s that time of year, East Nashville – when we all put aside our differences, pretend we don’t notice that neighbor’s horrible hipster haircut, roll up our flannel sleeves, and give back to the community! It’s Gobble, Gobble, Give! It’s the second year for ‘Gobble, Gobble, Give!’ here in Nashville – an offspring of the national group, which is celebrating their 17th year of giving back. Last year over 2,000 meals were served here in Nashville, let’s make it even more this year! Ready to help? (Even if you can’t…